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11 Things You're Dying to Know About Me

Jenni Elyse tagged me in a book blogger survey, and because she’s awesome and I love things like this, I did it! I answered 11 questions that I’m sure all of you wished you had known about me and now you do! 😉

Check out the rules, questions and tags below.

The Rules:

  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
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Questions from Jenni @ JenniElyse.com

1. What is your favorite book of all time? Ah! This is a devilish question because this changes for me depending on 1. the time of year and 2. what mood I’m in at the time. Right now, I’d have to say….Pride and Prejudice because it’s a classic and I’m watching Downton Abbey and also because it’s one of my favorite love stories of ALL TIME!

2. Who is your favorite author? Jenni is trying to torture me… Let’s see – based on how many books I’ve consistently loved by the same author, I’d say Juliet Marillier or Sharon Shinn. I pretty much love everything they’ve both ever written.

3. Who is your favorite literary character of all time? This is a three-way tie between Harry Potter, Elizabeth Bennett and Anne Shirley.

4. When did you start blogging? I’ve had this blog since the fall of 2009 but didn’t start blogging seriously (5 times a week) until March 2011. SO – that means that my 1 year blogoversary is coming up!! 😀

5. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I remember scouring the internet for book reviews and reading suggestions and coming up blank. I wanted to be able to help other avid readers like myself by providing real, honest reviews. Plus, writing is a creative outlet for me, and I absolutely love doing it.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Australia and New Zealand (to see the Shire and other Australian things!)

7. If money were not an issue, what would you buy yourself at this very instant? My dream house. Currently, my husband and I are house-hunting, and we’re realizing just how much we can get with our money, which is both exciting and disappointing.

8. Who is your favorite actor? Right now I’m totally obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. New Girl is the funniest show I’ve watched in a long time, and I adore her style.

9. What is your favorite movie? My all-time fave is probably What’s Up Doc. It’s a screwball comedy with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’ Neal. Oh! And, Inception. I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack every since I found the song Time by Hans Zimmer for my A Wrinkle in Time playlist post. One more! I can’t NOT mention this amazing romantic comedy: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

10. Who is your favorite musician/band?Anberlin. I’ve loved this Orlando-based band for a loooong time. They’re lyrics are breathtaking.

11. What is your favorite song? Again, this changes (apparently I’m a totally unpredictable person). It’s Revelation Song by Kari Jobe.

My Questions:

  1. What is one of the craziest things you’ve ever done?
  2. What food could you eat a million times and not get tired of it?
  3. What blog post are you most proud of (and link it, please!)
  4. If you weren’t a (fill in profession here), what would you do instead?
  5. What book do you hate admitting that you read and loved?
  6. Name one thing you love about yourself.
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  8. If you could write a book about anything, what would it be?
  9. Who’s a book blogger you really admire?
  10. Team Gale or Team Peeta? (There’s only one answer, folks…)
  11. What author living or dead would you love to talk with face-to-face?

Book Bloggers I’m Tagging:

I’d like to invite anyone who wants to participate! Yes this is a cop-out, but I hate choosing between so many awesome bloggers (pandering FTW! 😉 ).

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • I love this idea! It was fun getting to know more about the awesomeness that is you!

    That Downton/LOTR mashup is amazing. LOVE the Dowager Countess!

    For the record, Lizzie Bennett RULES. So do you.

  • Oh my gosh! I just want to comment on everything you said!

    1. I am so in love with Downton Abbey! It’s amazing.
    8. I love Zooey Deschanel too and New Girl is hilarious! I love Schmidt. He cracks me up. Loved the towel scene a couple of episodes ago.
    9. I can’t believe you love What’s up Doc! Most people I know haven’t heard of that movie! I LOVE IT! It’s a family favorite. My dad calls me Eunice.

  • Mikaylacaldwell


  • Oh these are always so hard to answer! You did a wonderful job. I hate trying to narrow down one book or author. Great to get to know you better. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mel!!