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2013 Essential Gifts For Book Lovers

Let’s be honest: this supposed essential guide gifts for book lovers is really a ruse. Sure, it’s written to give you ideas, but really it’s written for ANYONE buying me a gift at ANY TIME. If you buy it also, kudos.

But seriously, I want every item on this list. BOOK LUVURS UNITE!

2013 Gifts For Book Lovers

I’ve categorized book lovers into a few convenient categories. Gifts.com wants to put all book lovers into the “stay at home” type who is anti-social. If only they knew how very social hardcore readers are…

2013 Essential Gifts For BookLovers

Chic Wordsmith

These gift ideas are for the book lover in your life who likes to show off her stylish side while still subtlety communicating, “Books are my life.”

Down the Rabbit Hole Necklace

Found at Out of Print

alice in wonderland necklace gifts for book lovers

Comic Book Hair Bow

Found at Etsy

comic book hair bow gifts for book lovers

Romeo & Juliet Clutch

Found at Kate Spade

romeo and juliet clutch gifts for book lovers

Daily Prophet Leggings

Found at Black Milk Clothing

daily prophet leggings gifts for book lovers

Accessory-Obsessed Bookworm

These are for the ladies who love posts like A Novel Accessory. They like to wear their interest around their necks or on their phone (sounds very weird written down…). Gifts like this are conversation starters with like-minded people.

Alice in Wonderland Phone Case

Found at Out of Print Clothing

alice in wonderland iphone case

Library Card Phone Case

Found at Out of Print Clothing

library iphone case

Pride and Prejudice Book Purse

Found at Etsy

pride and prejudice book purse gifts for book lovers

Edgar Allen Poe Ring

Found at Etsy

edgar allen poe ring gifts for book lovers

Gold Typewriter Necklace

Found at Etsy

typewriter necklace gifts for book lovers

I Love Mr. Darcy Necklace

Found at Etsy

i love mr. darcy necklace gifts for book lovers

Book Nerd & Proud of It

These gift recipients do not care they’re total NERDS for BOOKS. They’re super happy to be reading and ignoring people. They want the world to know how passionate they are for awesome obsessions stories.

Perfume for Book Lovers

Found at Lucky Scent

perfume for book lovers gifts for book lovers

Book Nerd Mug

Found at Etsy

bookshelf boyfriend gifts for book lovers

Adorkable The Thesaurus Tee

Found at Threadless

the thesaurus tee gifts for book lovers

Word Nerd Coffee Sleeve

Found on Etsy

coffee cup book lover cozee

Team Good Books Tote Bag

Found on Etsy

book lover tote bag


Potterheads should not be messed with. They’re looking up their original Harry Potter tattoo as we speak. As they start their annual HP re-read, give them one of these gifts and stand back. The fireworks are about to go off…

Polyjuice Potion Flask

Found on Etsy

polyjuice flask

Advanced Potion Making Notebook

Found on Etsy

advanced potion making notebook

Lightening Scar Ring

Found on Etsy

harry potter scar ring gifts for book lovers

Espresso Patronum Mug

Found on Etsy

espresso patronum gifts for book lovers

Marauder’s Map Phone Case

Found on RedBubble

marauder's map iphone case gifts for book lovers

Sweater That Lived Phone Case

Found on RedBubble

harry potter sweater iphone case gifts for book lovers

Novel Decorator

Books aren’t just for reading, they’re art too. These types appreciate books for all their uses and have an eye for design.

Pride and Prejudice Print

Found on Etsy

pride and prejudice print gifts for book lovers

Tolkien Art Poster

Found on Etsy

tolkien map print gifts for book lovers

Bookworm Throw Pillow

Found on Society 6

bookworm throw pillow gifts for book lovers

Book Dishes

Found on American Discount Tableware

book plates chine gifts for book lovers

What other gifts for book lovers have you seen and liked this year?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Erica Jane Ostergar

    I love that Harry Potter ring. I may just have to buy myself a little Christmas present…

  • LOVE this! Some of these are really cool 🙂

  • Okay, so I had to buy the Poe ring. Really, I just had to. Merry Christmas, me!

  • Anonymous

    the Harry Potter ones are just awesome! I think i need me an “Esspresso Patronum” mug… lol

  • Lisa Schensted

    MY HEART IS BURSTING just looking at these!