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2015 RBR Year In Review, Or How I Read a Ton of Books This Year

I have this strange love of reflecting and looking back on things. For me, it’s about quietly taking time to look back on where I’ve been before facing forward and moving on.

And, the (large) part of my life that’s spent avidly reading is no exception.

2015 RBR Year In Review

Read.Breathe.Relax. read in review 2015

Where I Got My Books + A Few Stats

I do this every year in an effort to be transparent with all my readers.

I’m hoping to reach my goal of reading 100 books but the 96 I read so far I got these ways:

  • Sent as advanced copies from publishers = 72
  • Gifted from awesome friends = 4 (thank you OTSP Secret Sister and Steph!)
  • Bought with my own cash money = 20

This year, Goodreads created some cute graphics for readers to look back at their year in reading. Here’s a short snippet from mine:

read breathe relax year in review 2015

I still can’t believe Winter is over!! 🙁

And, the illustrated Harry Potter I purchased is just stunning.

Plus, here’s an overview at how I rated books this year:

year in review read breathe relax 2015

I think the one thing I did differently this year in my ratings was deciding not to rate certain books. Some I DNF’d or just consciously decided not to rate. It was really freeing not feeling like I HAD to give a book a certain rating, which I never do here but for some reason do on Goodreads.

Otherwise my 5-star, 4-star, 3-star ratio is pretty similar to last year’s. I’m a tough ole reviewer 😉

How I Half Achieved, Half Utterly Failed at My 2015 Reading Goals

  • Read at least 95 books – CHECK
  • Attend YALLfest for the first time – NOPE. I blame Uppercase but also a total lack of planning on my part. Definitely hoping to go next year.
  • For reals read books I’ve accidentally avoided reading for a million years. – I actually HAVE in fact read books that have been on my TBR for years and even started this fun, new blog feature to kick it off.
  • Push myself creatively on the blog, including new features and more posts about bookish things. I think I did this…? I started my Bookish Download feature and YA Heard? With RBR, plus the one I listed above.
  • Go to at least 2 local author signing events. – FAILED MISERABLY. My wonderful friend Steph went on two different occasions and happened to get me some signed books, but I didn’t go myself. UGH.

2016 Reading Goals I WILL Accomplish…Probably

  • Continue to have fun blogging. I’ll be going into my 5th year of bloggin’ here at RBR, and if I can still love doing it, that’s all that really matters.
  • Read at least 5 books that are outside the YA genre.
  • Keep pushing Uppercase to grow and be better than ever.
  • Attend 1 author event. Keeping the bar reeeeeeeal low.

When you think about your year in reading, what stands out to you? Or, what would you like to share?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Joann Downie

    I loved reading your Year in Review, as I am a new blogger I can say that this is a great learning experience. And wow, you rated alot of books 5 stars, which is terrific!! I like how you have it all broken down, terrific post!!

  • Jessica DiFelice

    My reading goal for the year was 75 books, but I’ve now read 96, and I so badly want to reach that 100 mark, but I’m struggling through these last four books! Great reading year 😀