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5 YA Love Triangles That Are Pure Torture

Even though I hate admitting it, there are definitely some YA love triangles that I…don’t hate. Ok, fine, there are some that I actually really love. (Crown of Midnight, I’m looking at you.)

But, then, there are the love triangles that just suck. They’re painful and prolonged and by the end you don’t even care who gets together with who as long as it ENDS. The books below are my picks for most tortured love triangle romances.

And, of course, I’d love to hear what your top picks are too!

5 YA Love Triangles That Are Pure Torture

5 ya love triangles that are pure torture

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the Delirium series! Really, all 3 books are at risk.

The Hunger Games – Katniss + Peeta + Gale

the hunger games love triangle I remember feeling that Katniss was so cold that the romance wasn’t even a big thing for me in this series.

But by Catching Fire, I was interested. Especially because Peeta really won me over with his selfless acts. Meanwhile Gale got my sympathy vote (until the last book) and the “I was here first” dibs.

The beginning of Mockingjay gives readers a nice little jolt of surprise. YOU KNOW NOTHING! Then by the end, I was so emotionally wrought I honestly didn’t care what happened as long as ONE PERSON was happy. Just one. I didn’t even care who.

Agh. Now, I’m getting heated about Mockingjay all over again. May as well with the movie coming out in November.

The Selection – America + Aspen + Maxon

One of my biggest beefs with love triangles is that the final choice is almost always saved to the final book in the series. I dislike this because 1. it’s used as a ploy to keep readers interested 2. it works and 3. it often substitutes actual character development and, you know, plot.

This series is getting to that point now. I was a little disappointed with The Elite, and part of the reason was the back and forth and back and forth of America’s feelings between Aspen and Maxon.

It’s not subtle. Its seems as if she wavers from chapter to chapter. COME ON!

And now, here we are with The One due out in May and no clear “winner” in sight. It literally could be either one of them. It may surprise you that I’m Team Just Make a Decision.

Delirium – Lena + Alex + Julian

Where to start? Oh, yeah, at the part where there is NO RESOLUTION.

I could have cried at the end of Requiem. But, alas, my eyes were steadfastly dry because I had gone past the point of frustrated and into the land of the annoyed.

Lauren Oliver, why you torture us?!?!

I’ll just say it: I hope Lena ended up with Alex. First love and all that jazz. Gah!!!

Defy – Alexa + Rylan + Damian

I mentioned this in my book review, but Alexa gets in some CRAZY love triangle-y situations with these two.

I mean, things could not get any more awkward if they tried.

For me, Defy ventured into the “tortured” zone because of the tension between everyone. My mind was struggling to cope with the ridiculousness.

Because otherwise, I’m pretty sure I know who she’ll pick…but it’s just a guess.

Twilight – Bella + Jacob + Edward

twilight love triangle ya love triangles Two words: New Moon.

I mean I never really thought Bella would end up with Jacob, but I thought he might have a chance. I mean he was her best friend, and relationships have begun worse ways.

Like, almost getting run over by a car and a gajillion-year-old vampire saves you…

I know this has been rehashed over and over, but this love triangle was the worst. //end rant.

Are there any YA love triangles that you absolutely LOVED?!

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  • Tanya Patrice

    In Throne of Glass (sort of love triangle) between Caelena + Westfall + Prince Dorian. I didn’t mind it at all.

  • Brittany Welsh

    Delirium is my worst! Ugh!!!!! And Throne of Glass is my fav! *swoons into puddle form*

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