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6 Young Adult Fantasy Book Maps to Love

I’m not shy about saying that I love a good book map.

And, thankfully authors have heard my our pleas because new YA fantasy books are including them.

Book maps are definitely eye candy, but I mainly appreciate them for their usefulness. If a character is on the go, I like to see where they are. Especially in fantasy worlds were traveling can be common and often.

6 New Young Adult Fantasy Book Maps to Love

Kiss of Deception – Remnant

There definitely are girls are on the move in Kiss of Deception. So, the map was helpful and just plain pretty. Plus, you can tell that in future books, this map will be even more essential.

remnant his fair assassin young adult book map

Throne of Glass – Erilea

YOU GUYS! Throne of Glass is an essential YA fantasy read, and these maps are amazing because so much happens during the course of the past two books and now in the third (Heir of Fire).

Plus, I really love seeing places on the map and knowing the author will take you to them in the future…

erilea throne of glass book map

Mortal Heart – Brittany

Definitely in Grave Mercy but even more in Mortal Heart, these nuns are on the run! This is another great fantasy series where each novel is told by a new novitiate and each brings their own unique view on St. Mortain and their role in the sacred order.

grave mercy book map young adult

Finnikin of the Rock – Lumatere

This is a book where maps are NECESSARY. And fortunately, there are two provided. The land of Lumatere is a complicated one, but the actual geography of it doesn’t have to be.

lumatere finnikin of the rock book map young adultlumatere finnikin of the rock book map young adult

Clariel – The Old Kingdom

The maps from Sabriel and Lirael have been reused in Clariel. Which is A-OK as there are new lands being explored. Although you don’t need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy Clariel, I do recommend them, as they are classic fantasy stories.

clariel young adult book map

Snow Like Ashes – Primoria

I could go on forever about this book. I still haven’t posted a review – still waiting till the publication date comes closer. But, let’s just say the world created here is epic and fantastic and here’s the proof:

snow like ashes primoria book map young adult

What YA book maps are your favorites? Which are most helpful?

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  • Yun-A

    I personally, loved the maps for Tamora Pierce’s Books. They have a lot of countries, many of which are only mentioned in passing during the books, and sometimes it’s fascinating to wonder what goes on in the other countries. The maps also give the feeling of a complete world, with many diverse cultures, similar to ours.

    I also really like the maps in Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, just for its lovely pictures.

  • Beth

    Yes! It’s not YA, but the Kushiel’s Dart series is where I first encountered the necessity of a map (and studied that map for a long time, fascinated). I think it’s essential to the world building, that the author has a grasp of physical features that will inform and influence the culture, language, currency, etc of a setting.

  • I love seeing fantasy maps as well! Definitely helps me better situate stories, although sometimes it takes me more than one story to actually start really applying the map to the story/action.
    These are all so pretty – especially the Snow Like Ashes one!
    I do really love all the maps of Middle Earth personally. And the Grisha maps! And of Westeros! And of the Seven Kingdoms of the Graceling books. One series that could really benefit from maps is Megan Whalen Turner’s The Queen’s Thief series. Maybe someday…

  • Lisa Schensted

    YES the Mortal Heart map! I always flip to the map in the Throne of Glass series too!