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9 YA Authors With Books in Other Genres

I often forget that outside the fun and lively world of YA literature, our favorite authors write books in OTHER genres. How could they do this to us?! Well, I’ve exposed their heinous deeds other work in this handy post.

In all seriousness, I think this is great, and when I love an author I want to read everything by them. It’s really fun to see YA authors’ other interests and work.

Comment and let me know if you were surprised by any of this info and/or if you’ve read them!

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9 YA Authors With Books in Other Genres

9 ya authors with books in other genres

Lauren DeStefano

lauren destefano author

We Know Them From: The Chemical Garden series, Internment Chronicles

Books in Other Genres: A Curious Tale of the In-Between (Middle Grade), out Fall 2015

Why It’s Awesome: DeStefano has a very poetic and descriptive way of writing, and although I don’t really read middle grade books, hers is one exception I’d make. Her new book is about “a girl [Pram] with a unique talent: she can talk to ghosts. After befriending a boy named Clarence, Pram decides to search for her father in the hope that he can answer her questions about her mother’s death.”

How fun is that?!

Tahereh Mafi

tahereh mafi author middle grade books

We Know Them From: Shatter Me series

Books in Other Genres: Furthermore (Middle Grade), out ???

Why It’s Awesome: Mafi has such a unique voice and a clear vision in her books. Her middle grade book sounds like a dreamy sort of tale I would have adored at that age.

I’ll admit – I was hoping her next series would be YA, but these books sound just darling too, so I’m not too upset.

Victoria Schwab

victoria schwab author published in another genre

We Know Them From: The Archived series, The Near Witch series

Books in Other Genres: Vicious (Adult) in 2013, Everyday Angels series in 2014

Why It’s Awesome: Schwab seems to do it all. Adult, young adult and middle grade. This is one busy writer. I’ve actually read Schwab’s adult book, Vicious, but her Archived series is high on my TBR. Plus, she does have a new YA series coming out…in 2016. GAH the waiting…

Sherry Thomas

sherry thomas author

We Know Them From: The Elemental Trilogy

Books in Other Genres: A TON of romance novels (Not Quite a Husband, His at Night, Private Arrangements etc).

Why It’s Awesome: The romance in the Elemental books makes TOTAL sense now! What’s funny is that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about something like this. I’m not a huge fan of romance novels, but I think Thomas could convert me if anyone could (or if I really did want to be converted lol).

If anything, please check out the covers of these books just for fun. 🙂

Diana Peterfreund

diana peterfreund author published in another genre young adult

We Know Them From: For Darkness Shows the Stars books

Books in Other Genres: Various – Morning Glory (Adult), Secret Society Girl series (Chick Lit), Omega City (Middle Grade), Foundlings (Short Stories)

Why It’s Awesome: Um, I had no idea Peterfreund wrote a novelization of the movie Morning Glory, which starred Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford. CRAZY! Also, I’m impressed by her range – she’s hit so many different genres.

Even though I’m impressed, I’m still waiting for another For Darkness Shows the Stars book. PLEASE, I beg of you.

Patrick Ness

patrick ness author published in other genre young adult

We Know Them From: Chaos Walking series, More Than This

Books in Other Genres: The Crash of Hennington (Fantasy/SciFi), The Crane Wife (Fantasy) Topics About Which I Know Nothing (Short Stories),

Why It’s Awesome: It is my goal to read more of Ness. Especially More Than This. I think he’s got such a creative and imaginative mind. I’m definitely interested in his other fantasy work, plus he’s got a new YA book coming out in 2015 called The Rest of Us Just Live Here.

Here’s a snippet: “What if you lived in a world a lot like a YA novel? Where people you know have already battled vampires and zombies and soul-eating ghosts and whatever this new thing turns out to be? What if you just want to go to prom and graduate before someone goes and blows up the high school again?”

Scott Westerfeld

scott westerfeld author published in a different genre young adult

We Know Them From: The Uglies series, The Leviathan series, Afterworlds

Books in Other Genres: Uglies: Graphic Novel series (Graphic Novel), Polymorph (Science Fiction), Succession books (Science Fiction)

Why It’s Awesome: Scott Westerfeld has written some of the most popular dystopian books in YA, so it totally makes sense his love of science fiction extends outside the young adult genre. Polymorph especially sounds super intriguing – the main character can change their gender and ethnicity at will.

Plus, I’d love to take a peak at the Uglies graphic novels.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

jennifer l. armentrout author young adult wrote books genre

We Know Them From: Lux series, Covenant series, The Dark Elements series

Books in Other Genres: The Titan (New Adult), Wicked Saga (New Adult) Obsession (Fantasy)

Why It’s Awesome: If it involves some steamy romance, I think Armentrout has it covered no matter the genre. Her Wicked Saga looks incredible, and I love just how much she’s written. We’re talking 4 major series plus countless new books on the way.

No genre is safe from Armentrout!

Ally Condie

ally condie author published in a different genre young adult

We Know Them From: Matched series, Atlantia

Books in Other Genres: Various LDS (Morman) works: Yearbook series (LDS/Chick Lit), Freshman for President

Why It’s Awesome: This is just shocking! Who knew?! (Did you?) I actually had no idea LDS was a specific type of sub-genre. You learn something new every day, I guess!

Have you read any books in other genres by our fave YA authors?

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  • I love Sophie Jordan’s historical romance novels! Also, Sarah MacLean writes historical romance but also has The Season, a great YA historical romance!

  • Beth

    Shannon Hale! She’s got great YA (Book of a Thousand Days) and adult (Austenland) novels. 🙂
    Holly Black, as well…Piers Anthony….Elizabeth George (well, she started in adult and moved to YA)…so many!

  • Jen

    Jennifer Armentrout also writes New Adult novels under the pen name J. Lynn. And Suzanne Collins wrote a middle grade series awhile back called The Underland Chronicles!

  • Geniece Baer

    Lauren Oliver just came out with an adult book called Rooms

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