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A Novel Accessory: Steampunk- Part 1

“A Novel Accessory” is an original RBR feature that highlights bookish jewelry, shirts and other accessories. It’s my way of combining two loves- books and Etsy! WARNING! This post may induce a shopping frenzy. Please place all credit cards away from your person at this time.

For those of you who thought today’s Steampunk-themed post was supposed to be “sun-kissed summer” (because I said it was sun-kissed summer in this post), no, you didn’t have an aneurism. (Phew!) I realized that the theme sun-kissed summer is not, in fact, book related. I’m a genius, I know.

So, I switched it up for another “s”- sounding word that is actually bookish: Steampunk! And with all my adoration and love of this genre this year, I’m super excited to show you all the cuteness I found on our beloved, Etsy.com.

There was so much cuteness that this is only part 1.This post would have been pages and pages long if I had to cram everything  I loved in here.

Note: All titles lead directly to the Etsy seller

Steampunk Creatures:




Steampunk Corset Dress Set– $115 (This is a steal!)

Fun & Funky:

Leather Goggles– $100

Wow. I’ve bookmarked a bunch of these, so I can add them to my Christmas list! I love steampunk! It’s sort of like- fantasy meets metal. 😀 P.S. I’m really into key necklaces right now! SO cute!!

Do you know any steampunk jewelry? Necklaces, earrings, rings?

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