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Anti-Summer Reads: Books to Beat the Heat

What I need are some anti-summer reads. Last year I listed some of my favorite summer books, but times have changed. I’ve gotten older and more protective of my super, pale skin. Screw the sun.

Definition of “Anti-Summer” Reads: A book that embodies the opposite of being outside in the blazing heat. It makes you think of cool, dark places as you recline in the shade on your patio.

I’m a believer in enjoying the outdoors without actually physically being outdoors. 🙂

Anti-Summer Reads: Books to Beat the Heat

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Let the Waves Wash Over You

The only redeeming factor of the beach is the ocean. It’s salty coolness washes away the sandy grit that layers bathing suits and the slimy sunscreen that has inevitably been ineffective. These books will put you in mind of waves and cloudless days…without the seagulls and loud tourists.

anti-summer reads waves and the ocean

Space is Peaceful

What could be (literally) further from the scorching sun than other planets in other galaxies? Ahh, the peace. The quiet. The distant chill of deep space. What I love about these YA books set in space is the fact that teens don’t need Earth to get up to crazy antics. Intergalactic shenanigans will be had!

space_anti-summer reads

The Dark Side is in The Shade

Books with descriptions like “dark” and “intense” conjure up images of mist-covered moors and spooky graveyards. Basically the opposite of crowded theme parks and community pools. Turn off the lights, snuggle under a blanket, pour yourself a cool drink and read one of these dark paranormal reads.

dark_Anti-summer reads

Christmas in July, Yes Please!

I always loved when the Disney Channel would have Christmas in July movie marathons. Why not extend it to books, too, right? Living in Florida, I constantly fantasize about colder climates…or any climates with seasons other than “hot” and “not as hot.” Simply let the racing drama and heart-pounding romance get your blood-pressure up instead of toasty weather.

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Just Plain Fun

Sometimes, a girl just needs to relax and let loose. The summer is the perfect time for that – hello, vacation! These are the ideal cruise, plane or travel books. They’re fun, light and romantic. Plus, the topics and plot aren’t complicated or tough to follow. Boom, the most summer of the anti-summer reads.

fun_anti-summer reads

What are your own anti-summer reads?!

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