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Birthday Reflections Cuz of Old

I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled post for some old person sappiness.

It’s that time of year. I’m gonna be a year older and wiser crazier.

Birthday Reflections

I’m one of those people who always get nostalgic and reflective around birthdays and the end of the year. Time is such a precious thing, and it’s something you can never get back. I aim to live life to the absolute fullest!

One of my favorite moments of the year was this one:

birthday read breathe relax

My YA book club went out to Howl at the Moon (a dueling piano bar off I-Drive) for a night of fun and non-book-ness. I’m SO thankful to have these ladies in my life. Some of them were my friends before the club, and through it I’ve met some incredible new women.

Some things I’ve learned in my 20s so far:

  • I still get zits (I thought this magically ended when you turned 21)
  • Saying “no” more is a good thing – no one will die
  • YA lit gets even better with age…and I relate more with the parents now
  • Cats > dogs (15-year-old me would call blasphemy on this one)
  • Be thankful for the journey, complete with failures and successes
  • Clueless will forever remain timeless and my most re-watched movie
  • Cling to people who just get you – no explanations or apologies necessary
  • Taking risks are scary as hell, but can pay off with planning and support
  • You can’t do life by your own strength – everything I have is from He who gave it to me

Just my personal discoveries entering my LATE TWENTIES.

Not to be super gushy, but for a long time the only people who read my blog was my mom and best friend. Anytime anyone comments or clicks or reads here, it means the absolute world to me.

You could be on BuzzFeed or YouTube or anywhere else cooler than RBR. So, thank you for reading and putting up with my typos and caps lock and general insanity.

This community of readers warms my heart. If I could hug you, I would. It would probably be awkward because I never know when to let go, but it would be special nonetheless 🙂

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Amanda

    Happy birthday! I love getting new blog emails from your site and enjoy ALL THE CAPS and crazy that comes along with it.

  • Belated happy birthday from Germany. Roaring 20s… That was a fun age and so far one of the best times indeed. Let me tell you it gets a bit harder after crossing the 30s 😉 (but still fun).
    Thanks for sharing you thoughts! Iove reading your articles and I nearly ALWAYS do, so pls never stop! You see, your blog even reaches across the great ocean! Isn’t that proof enough 🙂 So keep it up otherwise I’d miss something!!

    All the best wishes

    Ps.Zeit zu Lesen means Time to Read 😉

    • Kati – Your comments always make my day!! They are certainly the Roaring 20s that for sure, haha!! I love knowing what Zeit zu Lesen means now!! 🙂

  • DisneyAngel55

    You’re too funny! Have a wonderful birthday!! Just remember when it comes time to turn the big 3-0, you’re just 29 for the second time. 🙂

  • Happy birthday! I’m so glad you had a great celebration. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Virginia Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday!!! Cliche’d but true—age is only a number. What you love, who you love, and why you love doesn’t change with age as long as you always follow your heart. And not to be a downer, but you still get zits at 39. I know, I KNOW…! I just started reading YA last year, and am so happy to have found your blog. Hugs!!!