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Bittersweet life

Life after college has not been what I expected in the least. The post-grad advertisement was: “You’ve done everything you were supposed to. Grades, internships, clubs. Now, the job of your dreams is just moments away!”

Far from being offered a job straight off the graduation platform, I’m working part time at a bookstore four months later and applying for any and all job postings in my field or any other remotely related field. I think I’m a long way off from finding my dream job posted on Craigslist.

I don’t think my professors meant to lie to me. For the most part, they told all us journalism undergrads tough realities. We’d have to work nights and weekends. We’d have to start at the very bottom: fact-checking or the obit beat. We’d have to accept the fact that $35,000 is the most we’ll ever make.

But, they did tell us that if we just got x number of internships with x magazine or newspaper and got x gpa that we’d be set. We’d be very competitive in any job we’d apply for. How could they know the economy would completely tank and that our new job competition would be 15-year journalism vets who got laid off due to slashed budgets?

They didn’t. And neither did I. So, that’s where I am now. Putting my BA on the shelf while I sell discount cards at an hourly wage. And, I’m thanking my lucky stars, too. I could have it much, much worse. There are at least 30 people lined up to take my job at the bookstore should I (hopefully) leave soon.

Between now and the time I work for the Knot as a features editor, living in my luxury condo in Manhattan (the absolute ultimate), I’ll be writing in here–detailing my adventures interviewing, freelancing and trying to make it as a writer/editor.

Here’s some “fun” news to consider via my old journalism prof. The Reality of Journalism Jobs.

I’m still remaining hopeful. My faith reminds me that life is so much bigger than myself. I’m so thankful for that.

I mean, hey, what’s the purpose of planning a wedding if not to keep you distracted from job woes?  😉

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    Wonderful! I’m excited for more of your posts!