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Blog News & Updates

I’ve got a few updates that I wanted to bring to your attention!

First, the Search bar at the top right of the page is now in working order! It currently uses Google search to find information on the blog and, although it looks a bit funky for now, I think it will improve searching by 1000 percent (=extremely accurate). I’m really excited because I think the “findability” of blog content will be increased a ton!

I always think of this hat when I heard the word "sorted."

Second, I organized the Reviews page! All my book reviews are now sorted alphabetically by title. I personally think this makes a lot more sense than how I had it before (sorted by month I reviewed the book).ย I hope to add a “top books” sub-page to the Reviews section sometime month, as well!

The last bit of news is more personal. I always struggle with how much of my life to share on the blog- mainly because this blog is about a very specific topic.

Mentioning too many unrelated things seems like it would detract from my overall blog concept. Plus, some experienced bloggers have said that if you want to talk about your private life, you should make aย separateย blog about that.

Although I see their point, I always ย love finding out about my blogger friends’ lives behind the scenes! It makes me feel they’re a real person instead of some nameless review machine.

As my little bit of news is related to blogging, I thought I’d go ahead and take the plunge. ๐Ÿ™‚ I recently changed jobs, and today marks my first day at my new company! (Don’t worry, I pre-write and schedule my posts, which means I’m not blogging from work!).

I’m beyond excited about this new opportunity because…it involves blogging! I’m going to be contributing to a corporate travel blog and will be working to write and edit articles.

I’m anxious to get started and begin growing even more as a writer and a blogger. I also can’t wait to share my knowledge here with you guys too!

Do you struggle with sharing too much about yourself on your blog? If you have a book blog, how much do you write about your personal life?

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Girl, congrats on the first day ๐Ÿ˜€ Even though we miss ya something fierce over here!

  • Pam

    Go, Lisa, Go! Happy day to you today. Enjoy the new job:)

  • Congrats on the new job! I like hearing a little bit about people’s lives, just because I think it helps me understand where they’re coming from. I guess some people can be kind of TMI, but that’s pretty rare! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree. With the exception of my FB friends who publicly break up and get back together every other week, I don’t often think personal info is TMI. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Congratulations on your new job! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I struggle. My blog used to be completely personal and I just shared reviews because it was something I did. Then, I decided to make it more book blog related because it seemed most of the stuff I did was book blog related. I still want to share person stuff, but it’s hard to know when and how much. I may split my blog. I’m still trying to decide.

    • What I do now, though, is just share big event items so that it’s not too much all the time. We’ll see.

      • That’s a good idea, Jenni. That way people are still getting a taste of who you are- but they don’t know everything!

    • Thanks, Kaye!! ๐Ÿ˜€ It really is a tough call. Some bloggers hate seeing personal stuff on a book blog, but people like me who love the details- want to know everything! If you ever decide one way or another, please let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll follow both! haha

  • Congratulations on your new job, it sounds like a lot I’ve been keeping a personal blog elsewhere for…almost 10 years now and that I keep completely separate from by book blogging. However, I will randomly mention things on my Twitter or occasionally on my blog if it’s incredibly exciting. For my book blog, I made a tumblr account that is associated with it where I post things I like and book quotes so as to get a glimpse of the girl at the keyboard.

  • No issues with sharing personal life stuff on my book blog, as I have a separate personal blog for that haha. Which doesn’t really get updated as often. I’m just really not the type to share much personal stuff on the web, I guess.

    • That’s probably a good idea. I think putting too much out there can really bit you in the butt later on!

  • Truly Bookish

    Congrats on the new job! I don’t really share a ton about myself on the blog because I am paranoid about putting too much personal info online. I’m an odd person because I don’t mind hearing personal stuff about other bloggers but I really don’t post it about myself.
    Truly Bookish

    • I’m sort of paranoid too, actually!! Hence my general hesitation. I like to share, but tend to want to over-share, which can just be TMI plus dangerous. :/

      I really hope we eventually meet each other, though! How awesome would that be? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa Hayden

    Oh I struggle with the personal stuff too. I never know how much to share, and yet I’m scared to share it too. It’s a tough choice. I want people to know I’m human and not a robot out there, but yet don’t want to drive people away either. Crazy sounding right. Oh well. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll do what I feel is right, and hope not to scare anyone away. Thanks!

  • Tammy

    When I started blogging I had both my book reviews and my personal life together. What I noticed is that my blog for my personal life is really reveling. It is like a diary, I am using the personal life blog to help me deal with a crime that happened to me a bit ago, also I put my homeschooling stuff up there and my daily walk with God. I really wanted to put the two together, I even posted on a couple of sites to see what the population would say. I stood back after putting it together than separate I think 3 times before I kept it separate I think that is better. When I write my reviews I try and and add a little something about myself within the review that way people can see me and not just a reviewer! I don’t know if I actually am doing it but I’m trying!