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Blog Updates: How to Follow After Google Reader Dies + PR Newswire Feature

The saddest thing in the world is happening tomorrow: Google Reader will be dead!! 🙁 I know, it’s TRAGIC.

google reader dead

But there are a few ways you can keep up on the awesome sites and blogs you follow (maybe mine? 🙂 ). You can use Bloglovin! It’s just like Google Reader – you can follow your fave blogs using the site. Plus, they’re even saying you can import your Google Reader subscriptions.

If you’d like to continue getting updates from my blog you can do a few things. You could subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin’ HERE or get updates by email (enter your email address in the top sidebar. These are confidential and never given to any site or company).

If you don’t like any of these options, LifeHacker has some great suggestions in this post about other alternatives.

It’s happening, and we can’t ignore it any more.

blogs we love badge

In other news, my blog was profiled by PR Newswire! You can read the brief article here. You will see their “Blogs We Love” badge on my sidebar soon! 🙂

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  • Jessica Workman Holland

    I’ve exported all of my reader stuff into Feedly and it seems to do the trick. It saved all my labels and folders. Nothing really changed. I’m loving it so far.