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Book Expo America for Beginners

In the beginning of June, I will be attending Book Expo America and BEA Bloggers Conference (formerly Book Blogger Con)! I am SUPER pumped and cannot wait to meet authors, publishers and other bloggers!

Because this is my first time attending this event, I have no idea what to expect. As the time gets closer, I know my nerves will kick and and I’ll be super anxious about it (such is my personality), BUT I’m really looking forward to putting myself out there and learning more about this exciting industry.

book expo america

I will definitely read up more about Book Expo America before I go in a few weeks, but right now I have the basic plans (plane, hotel, schedule) set and have no idea where to go from there.

I figured I would share my journey with you and any other beginners out there in the hopes that others can learn from my mistakes or successes. I am definitely open to suggestions, so if you have any advice to give me about Book Expo America or BEA Bloggers Conference, please feel free to share it!

My Plan for Book Expo America

The Deets

I’m planning on staying at the Travel Inn Hotel In New York City, which is approximately .7 miles from the Javits Center (where BEA is being held). It’s about an 11 minute walk, and I think there may be shuttles available as well to the Javits Center.

I picked the hotel because of its proximity to the conference and because it was fairly good deal. Easier is better in situations that I know will be managed chaos at best.

I’m also flying in a day early (Sunday, June 3) to get some down time and maybe meet up with a few friends. I’m attending the BEA Bloggers conference Monday, June 4 and staying an additional day and a half to attend Book Expo America and other events.

I hope to also attend a few publisher events, and have confirmed a Random House Power Reader Breakfast. I am BEYOND excited about getting a behind-the-scenes tour of this major publishers headquarters. I promise to take as many photos/videos as they’ll let me before booting me off the premises. 😉

Tips & Tricks

A few BEA tips that I’ve heard are:

  • Mail your books home (this will save on tons on bag checking costs)
  • Get to the Javits Center early every day
  • Dress comfortably but professionally (ballet flats it is)
  • Bring your business cards (I’m making mine now – hurry shipping, hurry!)
  • Network like a fiend

Like I said, I will be blogging like a crazy during and after the event and will share if the advice I’d found was helpful. Plus, I’ll share my own insights too.

Meeting with people who are as insanely obsessed about books as I am is GOING to be a good time, I can tell. 🙂

What should first-timers to Book Expo America know before they go?

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  • Nice post! I too am going to BEA for the first time this year. I’m excited and a little worried that I haven’t planned much (aside from travel and shelter, I mean!). I’m sure we’ll have fun.

  • Michael

    Most basically, make sure those shoes are comfy and broken-in. I practically sanded off my pinky toes last year! 🙂

  • Ems

    I am seriously so stinking excited that you’re going!! I can’t wait to hear everything. And then, next year, you’ll be a seasoned pro & can help out the newbies…because I’m SO going next year…I WILL make it happen!

    Have SO much fun!

  • Saw your link in twitter looking for book expo posts. Since your a first timer and may have other first timers, instead of trying to give lots of info, I’ll link to an article I wrote last year.

    I’ll be doing a pre expo article of things at the expo that caught my eye/interest this year, but the tips I provide here I think are invaluable.

    • Ellie

      very helpful article, thanks!

  • Gina

    Thank you so much for this post! I am going to BEA as well and this will be must first time. I’m working on my schedule and my business cards just arrived in the mail the other day. I am very excited and also very nervous about this week. Hope to see you there! We could discuss books! Happy reading!

  • Ellie

    Hi, Im a newbie at BEA too. I will be going w/ the St Louis Jewish Book Festival Committee–they are regulars and know some of the ins and outs, which you listed above. I also wrote a parenting humor book called “Mishegas of Motherhood,” so I will do a lot of networking as well. I wil miss the blogger convention Monday, since thats when I get in.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be a newbie at BEA too…it’ll be quite the experience 🙂

  • I’ll see you at the Random House breakfast! I am so super excited for BEA. So excited.