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Book Nerdspiration: Hermione Granger

Sarah from Bookish Types suggested Hermione Granger to be the pick for a Book Nerspiration feature. Great idea – Hermione is a reading machine who tells those pesky boys in her life the OBVIOUS FACTS and HER FEELS.

Naturally, she’s awesome. She wasn’t afraid of making ginger babies, either.

Book Nerdspiration: Hermione Granger

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Book Nerdspiration is an original Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that honors the biggest book nerds of all time. They may be fictional or famous, but they all must be well-read. These are the people who inspire us to read more, read well, and let out our inner book nerd.

This Week’s Pick: Hermione Granger

hermione granger book nerdspiration

Caught Reading: All the school books. Especially Hogwarts, A History.

Favorite Genre and/or Book: Non-fiction, academic. Well, The Tales of the Beedle the Bard is technically a collection of fairy tales so I guess that counts as fiction…?

Most Likely to Talk About: Her test grades (with a complete answer for answer review), warnings against breaking the rules, magical creature equality and her annoyance with Ron and Harry’s inability to express their feelings.

Her Book Crush : It WAS Gilderoy Lockhart before it was revealed he was a total coward and overall tool.

Her Tweets Would Probably Look Like This: Really wish the common room would clear out. Trying to study & do my friends’ homework #HarryandRon #typical. I need more girl friends…

Why She Inspires Us: Hermione is a reading and intelligence paragon. She’s smart, a little know-it-all-ish, but in a cute way. Also, she works her bushy hair and oversized front teeth (which is eventually shrinks down). I love that she lightens up over time. Plus, Hermione is fiercely loyal and stays true to her convictions.

Are We Book Soulmates? We are more like soul sisters in the sense that we both were total goody-goody’s in school and are total over-achievers. Actual book soulmates? I’m thinking not exactly….

Who do you think should be featured next?

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  • Andrea Buginsky

    She is one of my favorite literary characters! Great pick 🙂

    Might I suggest Annabeth from Percy Jackson? She was a smart girl who enjoyed reading too.