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Book Nerdspiration: Oprah, Need I Say More

The queen of daytime TV herself is our latest book nerdspiration!

Book Nerdspiration: Oprah

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Book Nerdspiration is an original Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that honors the biggest book nerds of all time. They may be fictional or famous, but they all must be well-read. These are the people who inspire us to read more, read well, and let out our inner book nerd.

Our Current Pick: Oprah, TV talk show host & all-around powerful woman

During her TV show time reign, Oprah would make her latest book club pick an instant bestseller. She’s that powerful!

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Caught Reading: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides, White Oleander by Janet Fitch

Favorite Genre and/or Book: Historical Fiction, Cultural, Classics

Most Likely to Talk About: I honestly don’t know. Maybe her magazine? She’s been kind of MIA since her show stopped airing in 2011. Does anyone watch OWN? Oh! Or maybe her new Chai tea at Starbucks!

Her Book Crush : I would guess maybe Sidney Poitier. He wrote a biography that made her book club list. Considering, Oprah’s long-time love affair with Stedman, I dunno if any book boyfriend will do.

Her Tweets Would Probably Look Like This: “Reminiscing on the time I spent with Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa & Toni Morrison. Good times #SoulSisters”

Why She Inspires Us: Although Oprah is unrelatable mega-mogul, she does care about important things. Like reading! She even created her own million-member book club that’s open to everyone everywhere (even men!). You got to give her props for being of the first celebs to do this, like ever. Kudos, Oprah!

Are We Book Soulmates? Not really. I read way fewer classics than Oprah, and I’m not up on the current adult bestsellers. We are in two different worlds (in the library and obvs in real life).

What book nerdspiration should I feature next?

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