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Book Nerdspiration: What Don Draper Reads

Strangely enough, the philandering ad man has more in common with us than we ever thought! He’s our current book nerdspiration!

Book Nerdspiration: Don Draper

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Book Nerdspiration is an original Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that honors the biggest book nerds of all time. They may be fictional or famous, but they all must be well-read. These are the people who inspire us to read more, read well, and let out our inner book nerd.

Our Current Pick: Don Draper from the hit TV Show, Mad Men

Check out this full list of books seen on Mad Man on the New York Public Library website.

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Caught Reading: The Sound and the Fury Exodus, The Inferno, The Chrysanthemum and the Sword.

Favorite Genre and/or Book: Classics, business-related books.

Most Likely to Talk About: His job. Draper isn’t the type to chat about myself. Or reveal any details of any kind.

His Book Crush : All the strong women I can think of (Jane Eyre, Cleopatra, Katniss) just don’t seem right. I think he goes for more pretty but vapid types. The women that he likes who are actually smart and powerful reject him when he proposes. Which only proves how smart they are.

His Tweets Would Probably Look Like This: “Late night at the agency. Need a drink. I’m stumped on this campaign. Wait…I think I’m onto something. PEGGY, GET ME A DRINK! #malegenius”

Why He Inspires Us: Other than the fact that he’s well read, I don’t like Don Draper. In fact, I don’t like Mad Men. I realize it’s a great historical look at that period of 60s, but I tried to like it, and I failed. So, great Don. Keep reading. Maybe one great thought from authors of the past will one day rub off on you, and you’ll become less of a misogynist.

Are We Book Soulmates? Um, in a word….never.

Let the record show, that I tried to be inspired by him. I failed.

Who do you think should be featured next?

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  • Sugar & Snark

    I love Mad Men! Don Draper is an ass, but atleast he read 🙂