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Book Review: Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

J.A. Londons, Blood-Kissed Sky is full of narrow escapes, complicated relationships and more drama than you can imagine. And, yet I still have some mixed feelings about this Darkness Before the Dawn sequel.

Book Review: Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

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blood kissed sky by j.a. london

Title & Author: Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

Genre: YA – Fantasy, Vampires

Release Date: December 26, 2012

Series: Darkness Before Dawn #2

Publisher: HarperTeen

How I Got the Book: Bought


“There’s nowhere left to hide.

I thought vampires were our enemies – they controlled our lives, isolated our cities, and demanded our blood – until I met Victor. With Victor taking over as the new Lord Valentine, things were supposed to get better. Instead, they’re worse than ever.

Day Walkers, a new breed of vampires who can walk in the sun, are terrorizing the city. Blood supplies are low, and if Victor’s vampires don’t get enough, they will become infected with the Thirst – a disease that will turn them into mindless killers.

To stop it, I must journey across the desolate wasteland to the very place where the sickness began. I can only hope that the answers that await me are enough to save us all… before it’s too late.”

More Vampires, More Drama

In Blood-Kissed Sky, things pick up right where they left off in Darkness Before the Dawn. Havoc has been wrecked in Denver by Day Walkers, who are being led by someone they thought they could trust. And Dawn is left feeling like everything’s her fault and that there are so many obstacles in the way of her happiness with Victor.

There is a lot to like about this vampire sequel. There’s an epic journey (only across the U.S., but still pretty epic) and there’s tons of battle scenes and feats of super strength. The problem is that a few of the elements in the first book that I didn’t like all that much are still present in Blood-Kissed Sky.

Since the onslaught on non-sparkly vampire books last year, I think the trend has slowed down a bit. I don’t have anything against these books, but it was just too much too soon for a lot of readers.

Then, there’s the whole love triangle issue. Although it is in the process of being resolved in this book, there are lingering after-effects and the ultimate “we can’t be together because it’s so wrong” situation. Personally, I think this trope is so so so SO overdone. Give me something new, please!!

I will say that there are a few twists I thought were really interesting, so J.A. London has effectively hooked me for the third and final book, which is will be out June 25, 2013.


I wasn’t disappointed with this book, but I wasn’t impressed either. It’s in a safe land of “just ok.” If you’ve been following the series, I say hold tight for the final book because I do have a feeling it will keep us entertained. If you’re new to Blood-Kissed Sky or the Darkness Before the Dawn books, evaluate your feelings about vampires before jumping in.

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