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Book Review: Shadowlark by Meagan Spooner

Meagan Spooner’s Shadowlark was one of my most anticipated sequels of the year. It was both expected and unexpected.

Book Review: Shadowlark by Meagan Spooner

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shadowlark by meagan spooner

Title & Author: Shadowlark (The Skylark Trilogy) by Meagan Spooner

Genre: Young Adult Fiction – Dystopia, Magic

Release Date: October 1, 2013

Series: Skylark #2

Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab

How I Got the Book: ARC via Netgalley (And my awesome pen pal!!)


“Ever since she escaped the city within the Wall, Lark Ainsley’s wanted one thing: to find her brother Basil. She’s always believed he would be the one to put an end to the constant fear and flight. And now, hidden underground in the chaotically magical city of Lethe, Lark feels closer to him than ever.

But Lethe is a city cowering in fear of its founder, the mysterious Prometheus, and of his private police force. To get the truth about what happened to Basil, Lark has no choice but to face Prometheus.

Facing her fears has become second nature to Lark. Facing the truth is another matter.

Lark never asked to be anyone’s savior. She certainly never wanted to be anyone’s weapon. She might not have a choice.”

Slow But Steady

I’ve been so excited to finally read the much-anticipated sequel to Skylark. I fell in love with this book last year!

A few months ago, I started reading Shadowlark. After the first few pages, I realized I just couldn’t get into it. Feeling disappointed, I decided not to give up and refused to DNF it.

Now having finished the story, I’m SO GLAD I persevered. Although Shadowlark has a slow start, about halfway through the momentum really starts to build. By then, I was absolutely hooked and ready to speed through to the finish.

A big reason why the first half is slow is because Lark is still looking for her brother and trying to make headway. Translation: there is a lot of traveling. There are certainly misadventures along the way, but that can be an off-putting way to kick of the sequel.

Then, Lark finds what’s she’s looking for and forms a plan, like ya do.

I was a little bummed because this huge big plot twister was obvious to me, and I was disappointed I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think that was the fault of the book though. Just the fault of this over-analytical thinker.

Strength of Character

What I love about Lark is that even though her world’s been turned upside down and everything she thought was true was a lie, she pushes onward. She has inner strength and beauty, and it shines out of her, even when she’s too close to see it.

A few times, I caught Lark being a bit dense about romanctical things and very idealistic about the world she lives in, but overall she is definitely one of my favorite YA characters.

Plus at the end of Shadowlark, everything comes full circle and I’m VERY excited to see what happens in the final book!!


Despite a sluggish beginning, the story really picks up about halfway through. The depth and richness of the world and the strength and perseverance of the characters made me stick it out. Shadowlark is a solid sequel, and I think fans of the series will find it a fulfilling read in the end.

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