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Bookish Things That Make Me Irrationally Excited & Want To Do Crazy Things

As a group of highly addicted book lovers, we have to take a moment every now and again and just SQUEAL IN EXCITEMENT. Whether it’s meeting a favorite author in person (OMG!), receiving a signed copy of a book (DYING!) or just getting really pumped about an upcoming release (GRABBY HANDS!), we all deserve a time to scream “HECK (or stronger expletive) YES, I LOVE READING!!!!!!!!” at the top of our lungs.

Fill in the blank: When (this bookish thing happens), I want to (do this crazy thing).

Bookish Things That Make Me Irrationally Excited & Want To Do Crazy Things

bookish things that make me irrationally excited

In Words

  • When I get a brown paper package (sans string) at my doorstep and it’s filled with yet-to-be published books, I want to squeeze my cat so hard with all the joy and love pouring out of me. Unfortunately that is the exact thing that makes him want to kill me in my sleep.
  • When an author who hasn’t published anything in years writes a new book, I want to see a unicorn suddenly appear in front of me to show me there’s still goodness in the world.
  • When I realize a sequel I’ve been waiting to be published FOR YEARS will be released in days and I didn’t realize it, I want to be lifted over the ocean by two bottlenose dolphins and feel the spray on my face.
  • When romance is getting really good and smoldery, I want to highlight those parts in the book and give it to random guys I see in Publix and say, “Chivalry is NOT dead!”


  • When I read the final book in a series, and it’s everything I hope and dreamed, I want to
myriah carey slow clap

  • When a book takes a totally amazing turn that I never expected, I want to
nick new girl fist pump

  • When everyone in book club agrees about something, I want to make this face…
this pleases me gif

  • When I realize that there’s a sequel instead of a horribly unsatisfying end to a book, I want to
screaming party the perks of being a wallflower

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Kelly

    This post pleases me 😀

    • http://www.readbreatherelax.com Lisa@Read.Breathe.Relax.

      Hehehehe :)

  • Pam

    Very cool post. Loved it! I totally feel the same!

    • http://www.readbreatherelax.com Lisa@Read.Breathe.Relax.

      Thanks! GIFs can say what we can’t express sometimes 😉

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  • http://www.evelinesbooks.blogspot.nl/ Eveline @ Eveline’s Books

    Haha agree on all of this! Love the gifs you used, I’m laughing so hard;)

    Eveline’s Books

  • http://nijiclovers.blogspot.com/ Cayce

    I <3 this! I always do a little happy dance when one of my favorite authors comes out with a new book. Especially if it's been a while since the last book :)

    • http://www.readbreatherelax.com Lisa@Read.Breathe.Relax.

      I wish there was some way bloggers could all do one huge happy dance at the same time. And we could share the moment via web cam. :)