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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review

This is it: the Twilight franchise comes to a close in Breaking Dawn Part 2. I’ll just say up front – I was impressed. I had few expectations, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review

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Note: If you haven’t seen or read anything about the movie, do yourself a favor and DO NOT do a Google search, read any reviews with spoilers or talk to friends who are prone to telling you the end of movies.

The best way to enjoy this movie is to go in with as little knowledge of what happens in the movie as possible. This is because there is a pretty genius twist at the end of the movie and to enjoy it, you need to know NOTHING.

I’ll mention that briefly and without spoilers later in the review. Moving on…


Overall, I loved it. Seriously, Stephenie Meyer made some awesome decisions in this long-awaited finale to her Twilight empire. For me, this movie redeemed the entire series.

This is not to say that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was in any way perfect. Wow, was it flawed…but for me the point was that it was better than the book.

Nope, I was not a fan of the last Twilight book. There was a HUGE build-up for nothing at the end of the book. Plus, I was still creeped out over the quasi-pedophilia happening between Jacob and Renesmee.

Parts that were awkward/lame:

  • Creepy baby Renesmee – For some reason they decided to do a CG baby face. It was beyond weird.
  • Every scene with Kristen Stewart – Ok, ok, just the scenes where she’s “protecting” the family and doing a weird intense face (always).
  • Any scene with Dracula 1 and 2 and Aro – They are all creepers and all overacted. Aro shrilling like a little girl just made me laugh.

Parts that were funny/awesome:

  • Charlie – Like I said in my Breaking Dawn Part 1 review, Charlie is the best cast character. He’s always the comedic relief, and he’s the perfect gruff, softy dad.
  • Emmett and Bella arm wrestling – Emmett is another great supporting character. What a ham.
  • THE END OF THE MOVIE!!! – That’s all I say, but I was shocked and amazed and laughing and crying.

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Book vs Movie

I’m not going to even pretend that I re-read Breaking Dawn. I have no idea how accurate the book is to the movie. I was just impressed overall, like I’ve been saying.

Honorable Mention: New movie trailers

Of course, the previews before the movie featured The Host, Beautiful Creatures AND City of Bones. I won’t even pretend I’m not going to see all of those movies. Whether I read the books is debatable.

I dunno though…The Host looks pretty darn good.

Your turn! Please share you thoughts, expectations or rants about the Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie!!

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