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Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga) Halloween Costumes

Post-halloween, I love looking at my friends’s pictures and seeing what parties they went to and, of course, what they dressed up as. This year, I saw a bunch of Where’s Waldos (random, no?) and of course the obligatory sexy (insert occupation here) for the ladies.

One thing I did wonder, especially with the movie looming so close, is if anyone dressed up as Bella, Edward or any of the other Twilight gang for Halloween. Why yes, yes they did.

I was not disappointed:

Weirdo Bella

twilight halloween costume breaking dawn

Creepy Edward

breaking dawn halloween costume twilight saga

Whacked Out Alice

alice cullen twilight themed halloween costume

These are all Halloween costumes you can BUY! Wow, just…wow.

1. Did you see any Edward/Bella/Jacob impersonator on Halloween?
2. Would YOU ever dress up like Edward or Bella (or any of the other cast members)?
3. Will you dress up wearing something Twlight-ish for the movie premiere (if you’re going like other crazies me?

May your dreams be filled with Edward wig nightmares. 😉

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  • Ems

    Oh dear. They do get worse every year, don’t they?!

    I’ll admit that when New Moon came out, my sister and I dressed up for the movie. I went as Victoria and she was Bella. Now, not so much. I’m not planning on even seeing the movie, so no dressing up for me! 😛

  • I haven’t dressed up as Twilight vampires, but I have dressed up as a vampire. I love to dress up as a vampire.

    I am going to the movie, an advanced showing actually, and I will be dressing up, but not in the traditional sense. I’ll be wearing an Isle Esme Rio de Janiero shirt with all my other friends. 🙂