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Unique Bookmarks For Book Lovers

harry potter watercolor bookmark unique gift

Whether they’re to collect or to actually use (and lose), unique bookmarks make perfect gifts to keep…or to #treatyoself. The bookmarks below I will probably immediately purcahse right after this post is published…. Unique Bookmarks For Book Lovers Tardis Wooden ...

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Best Types of Gifts for Book Lovers 2015

harry potter bookmark best gifts for book lovers 2015

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to ask that timeless question: “What gifts should I buy for the book lover in my life?” (If you aren’t asking this question, I think you need better friends.) Here I’m going to ...

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Best Places to Buy Gifts for Book Lovers

best places to buy gifts book lovers 2016

Even though the most wonderful time of the year is coming up – consumerism…I mean Christmas – it’s always nice to know where online you can find top gifts for book lovers and readers (whether that’s you or someone else, ...

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Best Bookish Back to School Supplies

Even though I’m not in school anymore doesn’t mean I can’t lovingly admire all the super cute school items I see in stores. I’ve complied some of my favorite literary and bookish back to school supplies! What was your favorite ...

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Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own

cat reading a book sweatshirt gift for book lover

You should know something about me. I love gifts. That may sound shallow, but I love knowing someone picked out a thing with just me in mind. Plus, I’m the type of person who doesn’t want a lot of things…until ...

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Best Tote Bags for Book Lovers

book nerd tote bag for book lover gifts

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with bookish tote bags. They’re just so handy and cute, and I love how so many now relate directly to my book obsession. I’ve assembled some of favorites below. Check it out, but beware the potential ...

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New Throne of Glass Swag You’re Really Going to Want + Giveaway

throne of glass tshirt sarah j maas litograph

So you know how I love everything Sarah Mass does? Well, I’m beyond pumped to share this amazing new Throne of Glass item with you! The best part? You’ll get a chance to win one for yourself! New Throne of ...

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Paper Towns Accessories Perfect for the July Movie Premiere

paper towns shoes movie premiere

I’m really, REALLY excited for the Paper Towns movie premiere in July! In order to feel prepared, I scoured the Internet for the cutest Paper Towns accessories, shirts and knickknacks…you know, like ya do. I hope you enjoy what I ...

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Anne of Green Gables Accessories For the Nostalgic Reader

anne of green gables accessories

Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite childhood books that I continue to come back to as an adult. I mean, there’s bosom friendships, crazy mix-ups (“I thought it was raspberry cordial!”) and of course enemies turned begrudging ...

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11 Awesome Christmas Ornaments for Book Lovers

mischief managed harry potter christmas ornament book lover

Finding Christmas ornaments that are bookish is harder than you’d think! I love decorating my Christmas tree with ornaments that mean something to me. That’s why I searched Etsy for hand-crafted ornaments based on the books we love. Awesome Christmas ...

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