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Crafty Reader: Make Your Own DIY Book Clutch

There are some things on Pinterest that won’t be ignored, and for me that thing was a DIY book clutch. I’m not a super crafter person, but I thought even I could do this. AND I DID.

Check out how you can too.

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Crafty Reader: Make Your Own DIY Book Clutch

Crafter Reader is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. original feature in which we tear up our beloved books to make something from Pinterest. I hope the book gods forgive us.
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Info You’ll Want to Know Up Front

Total Cost: I’ve detailed the individual costs below, but my grand total was…$25! Not too bad, I don’t think. Especially when some versions on Etsy and in designer stores are hundreds of dollars!!

Time it took: I’d say about 3-4 hours. That’s factoring in waiting for the glue to dry. I divided up the project over 2 different days to cut down on arm fatigue and frustration.

Difficulty level: On a scale of a 5-year-old could do it and Martha Stewart, I’d say this DIY book clutch project is solidly in the middle.

What You Need


Fancy Book You’re Ok With Destroying – $$ to $$$

Barnes and Noble has a Collectible Editions series that offers some GORGEOUS covers of our fave books. You can find the Pride and Prejudice one I used HERE.

If you buy it online, it’s only $10.50!

Or Penguin also has some gorgeous classic covers HERE.

Xacto Knife

You can pick this up at Michael’s, JoAnn’s or Amazon.

The Amazon version is $4.37.

Box Clasp MAGNETIC Clasp

Ok. So. The tutorial suggest getting a box clasp/latch for the clutch. However, I ended up buying magnetic closures for the following reason…

box clasp diy book clutch crafty reader

…as you can see, if you used the regular clasp, there’s a HUGE gap between the top of the book and the hole for your stuff.

Instead I bought these really think magnetic snaps from Amazon HERE. I applied the magnets on the two outer corners and was DONE!

The reason I bought this type was because they are completely flat. Ones I found at JoAnn’s were very large and would have caused the same problem the clasp did.

Take a look:

book clutch diy read breathe relax crafty reader

Much better, I thought!! There’s no risk of your stuff falling out.

The magnetic snaps are $6.56 on Amazon.


Any regular, ole ruler will do.

Elmer’s CraftBond Paper Craft Glue

You can use any type of glue, but it’s recommended crafters use PH neutral glue. I chose Elmer’s paper craft glue because it dries clear and is specifically meant for paper projects.

I purchased it at Michael’s for $3.99.

DIY Tutorial + My Own Notes

I followed this online tutorial from Runway DIY.

However, I will say that I’m detail-oriented. This tutorial is great if you area a regular crafter and don’t need as much hand-holding as some people, i.e. me.

Below the tutorial, are my own additional notes that I think are super helpful if you’ve never done something like this before.

My tips:

  • When you glue the sides in the beginning step…Make sure you apply a generous amount of glue, especially at the top. In fact, you may have to re-glue the sides later on. No worries! It happens and is easy to fix.
  • As you begin to cut out the pages…If you don’t gently tear and lift them out, you might tear the top rim of pages. That’s ok because you’ll cover it later, but still. Be gentle!
  • When you cut out the pages…Be sure to get the corners. If you make more rounded edges, the pages will pile on top of each other, creating very thick corners. It was something that was hard to fix later on, so be sure to mind the corners as you Xacto away.
book clutch diy crafty reader book lover

  • When you glue the top pages together…Go ahead the re-glue the sides and the bottom. The tutorial doesn’t say anything about the bottom of the clutch, but I decided to glue the bottom pages to the back of the book to make sure there’s no awkward flapping going on.

Finished Product



book clutch diy book craft read breathe relax

Live Instagram video version:

(If you can’t read it in email, go to the video HERE).

Book Clutch Making Playlist

This project is hella-long. I always do tedious tasks with music in the background. Saves my life every time.

Here’s my I Am Not A Crafter, So Why Am I Doing This Playlist:

What to you think? Have you made other book crafts? Do you think you’d ever attempt a DIY book clutch?

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  • Bogna M

    I love this idea, but would the magnets cause problems with credit cards?

    • That’s a great question. To be safe, I’d put them in a small, thin case or use one of those protective sleeves. I think you can get them from your bank. They are really small magnets, so I think it would take a lot of exposure to mess them.

      Good thinking, though!

  • Nina

    Hello, how do you put the magnet on? ??? with glue?

  • Lynne

    Thanks for the great tutorial and tips! I don’t do crafts, so they’re perfect for me.

    I like your magnets idea and was trying to find more info on how to add the clasp (how are you going to nail it into the pages? is the clasp going to fall off or break the clutch/pages? etc.) – so the magnets seem much better!

    I’m definitely going to do this. Now I just have to get all the ingredients!

  • Jane

    Hello, I’m at the point of attaching the magnets. Unfortunately, the amazon link you embedded no longer works. Can you provide any more information about the specific magnetic snaps/closures you used? Thanks! Jane