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Discuss: Best Book to Movie Adaption of 2013?

With the year almost half over (agh!!!), many fantastic book to movie adaptions have already hit the silver screen! What are your favorite book to movie films so far?

Discuss: Best Book to Movie Adaptions of 2013

Between reading books and seeing the the movies they were made into, there’s little free time to spare this year. There were a handful of YA book to movies that I’ve been dying to see, but haven’t had a chance yet.

What did you think of these book to movie films: Beautiful Creatures, Warm Bodies, The Host, The Hobbit (technically 2012 but whatevs)?? Did they hold true to the book or veer off wildly? Did you like the casting choices?

My top picks (of the movies I’ve actually seen so far this year are):

My Top Book to Movie Adaptions (so far):

The Host

Book to movie 2013

Acting: (Full movie review here). Saoirse Ronan was a much better actress than Kristen Stewart by a long shot. She’s vulnerable and…has an emotional range besides sad and frowning.

That being said, this wasn’t the greatest movie ever. In was mediocre with some really great moments. I went into the movie thinking I’d definitely want to read the book afterward, but I didn’t leave feeling the same way. The movie totally sufficed it for me, and I left relatively happy.

Accuracy to Book: As I said, I didn’t read the book on this one. But, my lovely friend, Catilin, did and said that the movie was pretty accurate to the book.

Overall: There were a lot of tricky moments during this movie – especially the whole person inside a person bit. I think the movie handled it really well, and I think this is the best adaption of a Stephenie Meyer book yet. 🙂

The Great Gatsby

book to movie the great gatsby

Acting: I thought the acting in The Great Gatsby was fantastic. I’m a huge fan of Leo’s, and ever since I saw Carey Mulligan in Pride and Prejudice and An Education, I was totally won over.

On the other hand, I can take or leave Toby McGuire. He always seems like the side-kick type to me.

Accuracy to Book: Again, I haven’t read this book. (What use am I today?). But, this article by Slate does a great job of giving a run down.

I can tell you one thing: there are a ton of anachronistic details dusted throughout the whole film. I personally didn’t mind it because it reminded me a lot of today, so having a Jay-Z song playing in a Speakeasy only served to remind me how current times not that different from the excess of the Roaring 20s.

Overall: This movie definitely had it’s ups and downs – and let’s be honest, it’s super sad – but, it was visually stunning and made me think long after the credits were rolling.

Anxiously Waiting For Book to Movie Adaptions:

Catching fire book to movie 2013

Catching Fire

How do I even describe my excitement for this movies? I totally loved the first Hunger Games movie, so my expectations for this one are HIGH.

I’m wondering how they’re going to handle Finnick and the developing romance between Katniss and Peeta (with some Gale mixed in). I’m not feeling the romantic tension so far, but I’m reserving my judgement till after this movie.

Ender’s Game

I am promising myself I’ll read the book before this movie comes out. I’ve got some time – this book to movie adaption doesn’t come out until November. I’m not really sure what to expect from either the book or the movie, so it’s all fair game to me.

Second Hobbit movie

Ok, please don’t judge me, but…I still need to see the first Hobbit movie! I KNOW, I KNOW! I hate myself too. I’m excited to see what Peter Jackson came up with again, but I’m worried about the breakage of one book into three movies. It seems a little extreme, no?

Other book to movie adaptions to look out for: Percy Jackson, World War Z, Mortal Instruments.

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  • I just picked up Ender’s Game in anticipation of the movie being released. I saw the trailer for Catching Fire and it was amazing. I can’t wait.

    • Please tell me what you think when you’re finished! I hope to start it soon! I also want to re-read Catching Fire. It’s been too long.