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Discuss: J.K.’s Harry Potter Romance Bombshell

As you may have heard, J.K. Rowling admitted in a recent interview that in all reality, Harry and Hermione would have made a better couple than Ron and Hermione.


I process SHOCKING NEWS best when discussing it with like-minded people. So please, help a girl out, and tell me: Do you agree or disagree and why?!

Discuss: J.K.’s Harry Potter Romance Bombshell

(I always thought this scene was odd….)

Initial Thoughts

My first reaction to the news was clearly shock. But, not for the reasons you may think.

The first thought I had was, “Wait, how can J.K. say that about her own work??” There is a sense as a reader that what you’re experiencing is exactly what the author intended it to be. To hear that she simply was in a particular “mood” that affected a huge plot point in the series is unsettling.

How many authors out there feel the same way about their work?!

Then, of course, the reality set in. Harry and Hermione? Really?? WAIT. (See above photo). *Cogs start to churn*

Ok, I see it. Honestly, as a reader, the thought had crossed my mind. But, the whole he’s-so-dense-and-emotionally-shallow thing sort of worked between her and Ron. But here’s the problem now, J.K. has PLANTED this idea in our heads now.

So, have fun re-reading the books. Cuz when I do in the future, I know this will be lodged in my brain, unable to be removed.

It’s just unfortunate that this epic series that has affected so many of our childhoods and reading lives can have this much of an impact (or is it just me?) on us even now. So much to think about…

What do you think about this bombshell? Will it change how you think about the series?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Pam Wright

    Disagree! Oh boy! Not!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Personally, ::pushes up imaginary glasses:: I feel like Hermione and Harry together would’ve been entirely too cliche. The hero always gets the girl! I’ve never been a fan of the poor “odd one out” in groups of three. Ron would’ve been so lonely and annoying without the Hermione plot. As much as Harry needs emotional support, at times he has to fight his battle alone. If Hermione and Harry were romantically involved, when the trio is out fighting battles, Ron would be the one left alone. If anyone should be alone, it should be the hero of the series. Plus, how perfect is it that Harry marries Ron’s sister?! It’s completely realistic- people date their friend’s siblings all of the time! I think J.K. Rowling got a LOT of attention and fame (well deserved, of course- she’s brilliant!) from HP but obviously the movies and the books are done so the Harry Potter machine has lost steam. I think, just like the Dumbledore being homosexual announcement, that this is another cry for attention.

    • That’s SO true! Ron always seems to get the short end of the stick – being overshadowed by Harry all the time – so him “getting the girl” seems like a huge win. And, yes, this announcement was made conveniently close to all the Diagon Alley buzz.

  • Donna Ritchie

    I think we have all either been part of or close to a relationship that really should work, but doesn’t, despite all the sensible data available. Hearts don’t work that logically, and J.K. Rowling knew that when she wrote the books.

  • Pretty Little Reader

    I agree with Kimberly – Hermoine and Harry would have been cliche. I also don’t think that Hermoine would have ever chosen Harry – Harry always needed Hermoine, but she never needed him. When she was upset, she often turned to Ron for support, and that’s why they’ll always be the better couple (IMO).

    My big beef, is why now? Why would Rowling decide to turn our worlds upside down, now? It’s got to be promotion for something!

    • It’s just cruel, I think. WHY would she do this to fans! Our hearts should not be toyed with!

  • Deborah

    I think Rowling should write alternative books 6 and 7 and see what happens. I only read through book four, and I remember the potential romance being in there. Harry had to choose not to rescue Hermione in the water. Plus Emma Watson said “I’m not sure Ron would have made her happy.” Which I agree with. I actually feel like Ron and Hermione were more cliche, like they were stuck together because there was no one else for Ron. But maybe I should read the last three books instead of just watching the movies.

    • GREAT IDEA! More money for her and more HP for us! Deborah, I had no idea you hadn’t read all the books….STOP EVERYTHING and read!! 🙂

  • I think she made the right choice – Ginny matches Harry well – but can see why she would have doubts. Didn’t she say that she mostly sees herself (mostly) in more in Hermione, so perhaps there is a little latent wish fulfilment?
    Also, I think that it brings the books to a more natural/real life/development way.

  • Personally, I think when I was reading the series, I had kind of hoped Harry would end up with Hermione rather than Ron, although I accepted that in the end. Once in a while I wondered what it would be like if Hermione and Draco ended up together. Whatever the outcome, it didn’t bother me what J.K. Rowling thinks now. The books have been written. They have been published. People seeking alternatives can always look to fan fiction.

  • Kim

    I disagree. I think the fact that Ron and Hermione are so different on one level and similar on another is what makes them a good match. Hermione and Harry would have been too similar, not to mention it would be extremely predictable and a bit disappointing. What I love about Ron and Hermione the most is the fact that I didn’t expect it, and that in most books, Harry and Hermione would have been the direction taken.

  • chocolatethief

    Well, I knew from the start that Ron and Hermione were gonna end
    up together, from when I was a kid and was reading the very first book. I
    mean, it seemed pretty built up already, even then, as the whole
    ‘opposites attract’ thing, so I kinda got the idea of Harry-Hermione
    couple out of my head, even though at times,(especially in the movies)
    they seemed as though they could’ve been so so so great together. But
    still, I can’t deny that the romonie relationship build-up added more
    structure to the relationship dynamics of the book than a harry-hermonie
    one ever could have. And I also feel that the romantic subplots
    would’ve been much, much harder to handle then, too. I mean, at
    whichever point they would’ve acknowledged their attraction for each
    other, Harry would’ve gotten a. totally overprotective, like “I’m the
    chosen one so stay away from me, I don’t want you to get hurt!” or b. he
    would’ve accepted her at his side, with Ron inevitably being turned in
    some kind of awkward sidekick.