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Discussion Post: Book Weddings

With all the insane wedding merchandising going on with Breaking Dawn, I thought talking about book weddings would be a great discussion post!

I mean, let’s be honest: I could talk about weddings all day long. My wedding, other people’s weddings, celebrity weddings. Why not add on book weddings too (and maybe shamelessly drop a couple of my wedding pics in this post to boot)? 😉

Discussion: Book Weddings

A few factoids about the Breaking Dawn wedding real quick (I can’t help myself):

breaking dawn book weddings

1. You, yes YOU, can buy Bella Swan’s wedding dress from Alfred Angelo’s for about $800.

2.The real Swan/Cullen wedding would have cost around $38,000, with the majority of the budget going to flowers (Duh. See picture to left).

3. My prediction: Next year, every wedding magazine on the face of the planet will have a “How to Have a Twilight Wedding” feature. This movie is going to make millions in merchandise alone…

On to other book weddings now:

1What book weddings have you read and loved?

The Anne of Green Gables wedding chokes me up every time! Plus, there’s a great wedding in Sense and Sensibility. I’m such a junkee for that emotional wedding high.

book weddings cake

My wedding cake (nom nom!)

2What books would you have liked to see a wedding in?

Personally, I think a wedding could be included in almost any book… 🙂 Ok, maybe not any book, but it could certainly help out a few. Like maybe a nice quiet ceremony at the end of Mockingjay to soften up the conclusion to the books. I mean a few words exchanged between them under a tree would have sufficed. (Throw us a bone, Collins!)

Also, Harry Potter. I would have wanted to see Ron and Hermione exchange vows. Did they do a double wedding with Harry and Ginny? …we’ll never know.

3Just for fun, what are you favorite movie weddings?

There are so many good ones- a few of mine are: Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sweet Home Alabama and OF COURSE Princess Bride.

Leave a comment and share your fave book weddings OR movie weddings OR just anything you love about weddings at all!!

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  • Bookishlilly

    A wedding in Mockingjay would have been awesome and even though it would never happen in a million years, I really wanted to see Katsa and Po get married in Graceling. I think Katsa’s overwhelming anti-marriage sentiment made me want her to get married even more….
    Truly Bookish

  • Deadtreesandsilverscreens

    I would have loved to have seen the Harry Potter wedding as well! I would have loved to have seen what Hermione and Ginny would have worn as their dresses although I don’t know if I can see them doing a doublee wedding. http://www/deadtreesandsilverscreens.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    I actually LOVED the wedding in Breaking Dawn. I loved the gown which I would never be brave enough to wear 🙂 But I think there really should have been a wedding in the hunger game series and the Harry Potter series. I am sad that my wedding is over…would LOVE to do it again….maybe this time without the things that went wrong LOL 🙂 But I read so many different books that a wedding thrown into any of them might hold my interest more 🙂 Keep up the amazing blogs!!!! I really look forward to them