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Discussion Post: Breaking Dawn Movie + Book

It’s confession time at RBR: I’m going to see the Breaking Dawn movie at midnight on November 17. The tickets have been bought and soon the Twilight jewelry will be too.

I’ve actually gone to ALL of the Twilight movie midnight premieres. Sad but true. 😉 They’re actually a ton of fun. Sitting back and gabbing with your friends while watching the dressed up Bellas, Edwards and Jacobs walk by is just plain entertaining.

Not everyone is as pumped to see this movie (myself included), so I wanted to pose a few questions to you.

Breaking Dawn Movie Discussion

breaking dawn twilight movie

1.For those of you who have decided to see Breaking Dawn (midnight or otherwise)- what are your expectations for the movie?

Honestly, mine aren’t extraordinarily high for the simple reason that this book was my least favorite in the series. Maybe it’s more accurate to say I don’t really have many expectations.

2. What scene are you most looking forward to seeing?

For me, it’s definitely the wedding! It’s a year and a half since my own, and I’m still obsessed with all the little details. I don’t think it’ll be in this movie, but I also can’t wait to see Bella’s big and long-awaited change.

3. Is there anything you’re not looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn?

Where to begin…the birthing scene is number one on this list, along with seeing Jacob go through agony watching Bella get married and fight off monster-baby pregnancy! Oh yeah…and him imprinting on an infant…

4. How do you think Breaking Dawn will compare to the others?

I really enjoyed Eclipse a lot and Twilight will always be amazingly awkward and funny just because it was the first movie. I really wonder about this one!

Any other Breaking Dawn thoughts/observations?

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  • Molly Jo

    I have similar feelings about the movie. Breaking Dawn was also my least favorite of the books, but I really liked Vampire!Bella. I’m looking forward to seeing her after the change, but I feel like that’s going to be in Part 2. I saw the preview when I went to the movies over the weekend and I’ll confess, it looked better than I expected. I’m not looking forward to Jacob’s agony, either, and there’s a clip of Charlie that almost killed me. We’ll see how it goes. I’m going to stick it out until the end. I’m hoping it’ll exceed my expectations, even though, like you, I’m not sure I know what those are yet.

  • Honestly, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is to see how the movie makers make this movie more action-packed than the book. I guess what I’m really looking forward to is seeing how the second movie will be done with the Volturi scene since it was all kinds of let down in the book. Other than that, I expect it to be pretty much the same as the other movies, something I’ll enjoy and hate. 🙂

  • I don’t know when I will see it but my mom and I have taken my 91 year old grandmother to the last 2 movies and she has loved them. (And she always comments on how she must be the oldest person in the theatre… which she always is!). I don’t really have any expectations, I’m thinking it will be more of the same which could really go either way.

    The Jacob imprinting on an infant thing has always struck me as just a wee bit creepy. I get it but still… it’s strange.

  • The only part about breaking dawn that I liked was seeing things from Jacobs perspective. It was nice to get a break from bella and jacobs such a cool kid….until the imprinting on a infant part.

    Definitely not going to the midnight showing…but I might still see it in theaters. I loved twilight when the book first came out but then it just got a little silly. KS and RP are a little ridiculous and I mainly like watching to see the other side characters as opposed to them.

    Should be entertaining at the very least, though not high film. A bit perturbed that they broke it up into 2 movies…..sooo harry potter wannabe and trying to milk us for all we are worth (those being two separate ideas…HP HAD to be broken up into two movies to even be able to do it moderate justice…breaking dawn not so much, they’re just in it for the mullah).

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