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Discussion Post: When Do You Stop Reading a Book?

In an ideal world, none of us would stop reading a book because we would enjoy every single one. But sadly, this is not the case. There are books we adore and other books we loathe.

But, when do you call it quits and simply decide to not finish the book? It pains me to not finish things I start, but sometimes the torture a book can put me through isn’t worth it.

when do you stop reading a book

In case you can't see the caption: Quitting- Some people wish they knew how

For me, it usually takes a lot to stop reading a book. I usually decide to quit reading if the following have occurred:

  • I’ve flipped several pages without really absorbing the information because I can’t force myself to focus i.e. I’m bored.
  • When I sit down to read the book, I think about all the other books I’d rather be reading.
  • It’s taken me longer than a week to get halfway through it (provided there are no external reasons/distractions).
  • I become easily frustrated with the characters, the setting or any other book dynamic. At this point, I’m probably just looking for a reason to stop reading.

Some books I’ve stopped reading (and I’m not proud of this): The Lord of the Changing Winds and the 5th Anne of Green Gables book (it’s the book where she gets married to Gil and has babies…I’ve tried a bunch of times to get through it, but I can’t). I can’t think of any others, but I’m sure there are some book skeletons in my closet. 🙂

What does it take for you to stop reading a book? Is it a hard decision? Or can you drop a book easily and not look back?

If you’re one of those amazing people who’s NEVER quit reading a book, is there a book you wished you had?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Deborah

    Oooh I’m not afraid to quit a book! My biggest peeve is poor writing! But if I dislike the main character, I’ll quit for that too. I just quit one this week because the writer was too wordy and added too many unimportant paragraphs, like detailing how a woman took a drink of water. I couldn’t take it!

  • It takes a lot for me to quit a book. I’ve read some books in the past couple of months I wish I would have tossed aside. I usually try to stick it out.

  • I kind of trained myself to sludge through crappy books in school, because clearly in our lit classes we had to read PLENTY that I hated…but now reading for pleasure, if I have to slough through 3-4 chapters of “ugh, can I quit now?” it’s time to move on.

    (PS – we all miss you!!!)

    • True that, my friend!! Separate Peace just about killed me…but I finished that mother! lol

      I miss you guys too!! You and I need to hang out very soon!

  • Ems

    I hear you on that. It seriously pains me to stop, but sometimes you just have to. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I know I’ve had a few of those in the past year. Some books that I want to stop, I keep on going just to say I finished, but secretly I wish I’d stopped. 😀

  • I never give up on books unless it’s too explicit for my taste. If a book is boring, I’ll usually keep reading it because I want to give it a fair chance. I’m a little OCD about that.

  • 1. that image rocks. SO funny.
    2. it’s always a hard decision for me to stop reading a book. i keep hoping and hoping that things will get better. usually, after 100 pages, if i’m not feeling that connection i need, i give it up. sometimes for now, sometimes forever.
    3. i wish i had the patience of Jenni. i can’t help but wonder what i may have missed!

  • I have to just be super bored and not like the characters. Twilight was that book for me that I had to drop halfway through. Well, it wasn’t the only book I’ve ever dropped, but it was boring and had irritating characters for me. Others I dropped due to too much description and not enough plot going on, too much telling and not enough showing, or just being too offended by the content of a book.

    There was one I decided not to get into at all when I first read it because literally EVERY other word was a very strong curse word. Who even talks like that in real life? It was ridiculous.