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Divergent Movie Review & Red Carpet Premiere With Veronica Roth and Ansel Elgort

In which I fangirled all over Veronica Roth, saw an advanced screening of the Divergent movie and was generally having excitement-induced panic attacks every few minutes.

Exclusive Red Carpet Premiere Photos with Veronica Roth and Ansel Elgort

YOU GUYS!!!! Please forgive me for gushing endlessly in this post. I was thrilled to score a press pass for the Divergent movie tour in my home city of Orlando. Things came together VERY quickly, and thanks to some friends with connections and personal persistence that I find more effective than talent or skills, I made it.

And when I arrived at the red carpet event at the Winter Park Regal Cinema, I almost lost it. Ok, who am I kidding, I did lose it.

red carpet premiere divergent movie tour

Fancy, no?

So while I waited in front of hundreds of teen girls and their moms (<--parenting gold stars for all of you), I had deep introspective thoughts like...What am I going to say to Veronica Roth?!?! After thinking up an amazing question - "I read on your Tumblr this morning that you saw and loved the movie. What scene were you most excited to see played out on the big screen?" and getting to ask VRoth IN PERSON, I realized something profound. Something life changing. Something very embarrassing. Armed with just my Sony Cybershot (press poseur, I know), I did not actually press the "Movie" button and did not in fact record her fantastic answer. Cuz I fail at life. I will be better prepared for BEA and other events in the future. For now, I'll just try not to dwell *sobs*. Her answer was the "fear landscapes" by the way!! BUT...I did get these brief clips of Ansel Elgort answering some questions about seeing himself on screen (shout out to my Olympia High School journalism friends who asked him those questions! You guys rock!) and Veronica understadably fearing for her life with the gobs of screaming fans surrounding her:

Also, I scored some shots of Ansel and Veronica in action:

orlando red carpet divergent movie tour

orlando red carpet divergent movie tour

orlando red carpet divergent movie tour

Not to mention, I saw the fabulous Johnny Magic and Laura Diaz from XL 106.7. This may not be a big deal to you if you don’t live in Central Florida, but they are like Orlando royalty. Johnny’s House is the BEST morning show EVER. Check them out on I Heart Radio!

orlando red carpet divergent movie tour

Divergent Movie Review

ETA: You can find my full spoiler free Divergent movie review on The Huffington Post HERE.

For a more spoiler-y review for those who have read Divergent and want a few more details, read on.

If you have NOT read Divergent and/or do not want to know any details about the movie, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!

Are we good??

How about now??

Ok, for more Divergent movie tidbits…

I loved the movie! I LOVED IT!! It is not perfect. It is not exact to the book, but it is fantastic. I think this could turn around the whole YA book-to-movie fail that’s been going on with Beautiful Creatures and City of Bones.

Dauntless stole the show, you guys. There are so many amazing moments that I wanted to see played out, and they were done SO WELL in the movie.

It was just as adrenaline-pumping as the book, if not more so, because seeing people jump off a train, over a huge gap and land onto a gravel-topped roof is pretty freaking cool.

And, Veronica was right. The fear landscapes were so cool to see. How they imagined Tris escaping them was really interesting – especially what is the trigger for her realizing it’s not real. It’s subtle and ties in a few different themes.

PLUS – Watch out for the zip-lining scene! Veronica makes a cameo at the top of the building! How adorable is that?!?


The Divergent movie was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised, and I genuinely think fans are going to love it. If you’re the super nit-picky type, you may be a bit frustrated with a few changes. However, if you can separate the book from the movie just a bit, I think you will see what a great job they did. FOUR, AHHHH!!!! Bonus, tickets for the Divergent movie are now on sale!!

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  • Yay! I’m glad that you thought it was good. I was a little nervous, but now I’m super pumped to see it!

    • Jordin, I really hope you love it as much as I did 😀

  • kawaii_candie

    yeah? I’m excited!! i was really bummed that City of Bones didn’t do well… I liked it, but i thought it would be confusing for people who had not read the book because things were just kinda thrown in your face… I’m really looking forward to this! though it’ll probably come out in Japan by 2016 or something… *cries*

    • Yes, I sincerely hope you don’t have to wait that long! *sobs in sympathy*

  • Brad

    Lisa, our school would love to take our 7th and 8th graders to see the movie, but administration is concerned about some of the scenes (particularly the scene about Tris’s fear of having sex with Four) being too inappropriate. I know the movie is PG-13, but did you see anything that might be too much for that age group? Thanks!

    • Hi Brad – Thanks for your comment! The scene your talking about is very mild and over very quickly. You only really see them kissing and Four lifting up her shirt a little. I don’t think those scenes are graphic. I would also add that there is a good deal of violence. The scene with Al from the book is definitely shown and all of the fighting and deaths are shown. And it’s clear that people die and are not just injured. This is a tough one – maybe this advisory from IMDB will also help you: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1840309/parentalguide?ref_=tt_stry_pg

      • Brad

        Lisa, thanks for your response. How would you compare the violence to The Hunger Games series? We took our students to see both movies without much of an issue. Thanks again!

        • I would say they’re pretty similar. If they’re read the book and know about *certain* deaths ahead of time, I think they’d be ok. No problem!! I hope you and the kids enjoy it 🙂

  • Ama

    I just watched the film and while I liked it, I didn’t love it. I’m a huge fan of the book and really loved the romance scenes with Tris and Four. I wish there was a little more of that depicted in the film. I felt that their romance was more subtle throughout the film until the very very end.

    I will be somewhat vague here so that I don’t spoil the book but I also thought they should have kept that scene which illustrated Peter’s violence. That scene really helps draw the audience in and helps them understand the hatred that Tris and her friends feel towards him. In the film, he just seems like an annoying person but he is more than that.

    Overall though, the film was very well cast and I did enjoy it. I definitely think that readers will enjoy it more than non-readers. As such, I don’t think it will be as successful as The Hunger Games but it will still be well received.

    • That sucks you didn’t love the movie :/ I hate it when a book-to-movie adaption disappoints me. And, yes, I was surprised they cut that out too. I will say that the movie is pretty violent, so maybe they left it out to keep it PG-13…?

  • What a great post!!! I’ll be going to the movie this coming Friday in IMAX!

  • Sarah

    Super excited to see this movie! Just a quick question. There has been lots of mention in the media about how Theo and Shailene prepared for their big “kissing’ scene in the movie. I’m a little confused because in the book there is more than one kissing scene between Four and Tris. Their first kiss at the chasm, when they kiss in Tris’ fear sim, when they kiss in Four’s bedroom after Tris’ fear sim, as well as when they kiss after final rankings are given out, etc. Not to mention their last kiss on the train at the end. Can you shed a little light on which scenes made it in to the movie please? And if it’s too spoiler-heavy to reply here, you can always email me @ sarahlouisepierson@gmail.com. Thanks!!