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DNF Round Up: 3 Books I Stopped Reading

Instead of writing 3 sad posts about 3 different books, I’m going to just lay it all out for you and let you know why I stopped reading these recent novels.

Agh, the guilt!!

DNF Round Up: 3 Books I Stopped Reading

3 ya books i dnf 2015

As my fourth year into my blog and my first into running Uppercase, I feel more strongly than ever that if I’m not enjoying a book, I will stop completely or skim to the end. I’m beyond forcing myself to finish a book in order to say that I finished it.

So far this year, I’ve DNF’d the following books:

Silver in the Blood

silver in the blood jessica day georgeTitle & Author: Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

Genre: Young Adult – Historical Fiction, Fantasy

Why I DNF’d: This book started off so well. Two cousin besties are traveling to Romania in the 1890s for a mysterious family gathering. What they discover there about themselves and their background will change their future forever…

Although I loved the two distinct voices of Dacia and Lou, I realized halfway through the book that the BIG REVEAL hadn’t even taken place. The book description EASILY covers more than half of the book.

At which point, I was exhausted with the glacial pace of the book, despite its charming characters. I didn’t feel like the effort was worth the reward, so I skimmed and concluded I was correct.

The Fixer

the fixer jennifer lynn barnesTitle & Author: The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Genre: Young Adult – Contemporary, Thriller

Why I DNF’d: As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of Barnes’ other series, The Naturals. It is gripping and intense and romanctic – an ideal trifecta.

The Fixer is billed as a YA version of Scandal, which I think is a fair description.

The problem? The premise is utterly unbelievable. I wasn’t able to buy into the idea that teens are solving big government mysteries that go all the way to the top all on their own.

Not to mention that there isn’t much humor or romance to soften the heavy politically-focused storyline. I read about 70 percent of this book before skimming and calling it quits.

Heart of Betrayal

the heart of betrayal mary e pearsonTitle & Author: The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

Genre: Young Adult – High Fantasy

Why I DNF’d: I was afraid of this. Kiss of Deception had this super unique storytelling that pulled me in and didn’t let go. I was under its spell from page 1.

With Heart of Betrayal, the storytelling does involve multiple points of view, but not with the underlying mystery because all has been revealed.

I genuinely feel insane for not liking this book – it’s gotten TONS of 5 star reviews on Goodreads, but I just couldn’t connect.

First, the story starts off in a new land and focuses a lot on the customs, culture and politics. This was quick in-depth right away.

Second, the love triangle is NOT RESOLVED. I could tell 25 percent in that it wouldn’t be for quite awhile or until the third book.

At this point I knew my heart wasn’t in it (just like the title implied), so I quit. Out of all the books listed here, this is the one I would honestly say, don’t listen to me. I’m so out in left field on this one that I think many others will find this to be a great sequel. It just isn’t for me.

What books have you DNF’d this year? What books do you wish you’d DNF’d??

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  • Oh gosh.. Silver in the blood will be one of my next reads :/ I hope it won’t be THAT bad.. 🙁
    And I’ll be reading Kiss of Deception soon, so.. I’ll see!

  • Stephanie

    Ugh, that is so frustrating about The Heart of Betrayal! I need my love triangles to be quick and pick a darn side. I may end up holding off on this one until the third book comes out, so I can just read it all in one fell swoop (or by then just not care about this series anymore. I think what I loved best was the mystery aspect of which guy was which in the first, but since that can’t be sustained over 3 books…).

  • I just finished The Fixer and I have to say that I agree with you. I actually did finish it, although I thought about stopping a few times. It was so crazy unrealistic!! And I found it so hard to connect with the characters.