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Do You Have Bookshelf Style?

I can tell you right now, no, there is a serious lack of bookshelf style going on at my house. I have four bookcases – two large ones and two small narrow ones. All are messy, cluttered and a total wreck.

After spotting a few pins on Pinterest (like ya do), I realized my bookshelves were in worse shape than I thought. Ugh, those crafty people! So tell me, does your bookshelf have style?!

Bookshelf Style – A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

I constantly waver between feelings of adoration and loathing for Pinterest. First I’m inspired, then I’m overwhelmed and then I ultimately land on depression. Who has time to do all of these pins??

If you do, please share you crafting skillz cuz I’m in desperate need. These projects I may actually do though (…we’ll see), as they are SUPER PRACTICAL for this bookworm.

Bookshelf Style

Have you employed any accessories or art on your bookshelves? Or are they like mine – too filled with books for anything else?

These crafty people found ways to make bookshelves super stylin.


bookshelf style

Background color

color background bookshelf

Pop of color AND Boookshelf styling

pop of color bookshelf style

Bookshelf Organization

Then there’s the question of organization.

How do you organize your books? Do you alphabetize your books by author? Sort by genre? Sort by genre AND alphabetize by author?? What about series?

color coordinated bookshelf

Do you color code your books?

I need a bigger bookcase, so right my bookshelves are double packed. Which means there are two rows of books per row. They’re stacked both vertically and horizontally to fit as many books as possible in there. It needs some serious bookshelf style.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on bookshelf style in the comments!

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  • Those bookshelves with a background color are really pretty! My bookshelves are currently mixed-organized: I have a shelf where all the books have the same height, a shelf with black and red covers, one with white and ligh-coloured covers, one with my favourite books etc. I’ve always been bad at deciding how to organize my books :p

    • I know, right?! It makes my bookshelves seem that much more shabby. Yours sound really cool though! I like the color-coordination.

  • Jen

    I have two bookshelves that are packed with books but I do have them organized by genre and alphabetized by author. I’m definitely running out of room and my shelves are nowhere near as stylish as these!

  • All my books are sorted by height, meaning that I maximise space to book cramming 🙂 Hardbacks and paperbacks are usually separate, and I’ve a separate shelf for non-fiction, fiction that isn’t fantasy, fantasy fiction and a massive ‘to be read’ pile at the very top.

    I’m not keen on using bookshelves for things other than books, but one of my shelves currently has some sets of Lego Architecture on them (makes it look playful yet sophisticated – win/win! Hehe)


  • Ems

    I love the ones with the pop of color. Once I’m in a more permanent place, I’m giving my bookshelves a major overhaul (and buying more, as my books tend to breed) and painting them some bright colors.

    I organize my books in different ways. Right now, I don’t have a ton of space, so the TBR and read books are just kind of wherever I can fit them. The signed books are separate, organized by favorites first. My Star Wars books are chronological. (geek alert!)