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Eat This When Reading Origin by Jessica Khoury

Origin is set in the small village of Little Cambridge in the South American Amazon. This exotic location had me immediately thinking of rare fruits and authentic cuisine. I picked some truly delectable Amazon-inspired recipes that complement the lush backdrop of Origin.

Let’s eat!

Pages & Pairings: Origin by Jessica Khoury

Pages and Pairings insurgent read breathe relax

Pages & Pairings is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that matches up our favorite book and stories with tasty food and drinks. Reading should be a full sensory experience!

In these posts I’ll include links to the recipes so you can make these tasty treats yourself.

Eat, read and be merry!

Ingredients in Origin by Jessica Khoury

Pia eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, as the landscape around her is plentiful. I can only imagine she eats the food typical of the area. And let me tell you, South America is known for some amazing chow.

I was really inspired by all rich surroundings in Origin, and picked foods that seemed similarly rich in flavor and spice.

Origin’s menu includes:

Cinnamon-Scented Rice Milk

This four-ingredient beverage from MyRecipes.com will help cool down your fevered brow as you read about Pia’s antics in the rainforest. There are plenty of heart-pounding moments, so a nice cool refresher will definitely be needed.

Plus it makes 10-12 servings, which is perfect for a book club. 🙂

Gallo Pinto (Beans and Rice)

After all her sneaking around camp, I’m sure Pia would have needed the protein and carbs from this classic South American dish of Gallo Pinto, or rice and beans. It would be so easy to imagine being in the mess hall chomping down on this meal with Pia.

Being perfect must take a toll on your energy!


Tres Leches Cake

Even the Amazonians need a sweet treat once and awhile. What better way to fill a craving then by stuffing it full of decadent tres leches cake?!

Just don’t count calories the night you indulge in this beauty. NOM!


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Eat, read and be merry – Origin style!

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