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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Divergent Movie But Were Too Busy To Find Out

The Divergent movie is a reality. I can’t even get over it right now. I have loved Divergent for so long, and to know it’s coming to the big screen is insane beyond words.

Divergent Movie News

Divergent Movie – The Basics

divergent movie news

Let’s start with the basics:

In Theaters: March 21, 2014 (according to IMDB)

Director: Neil Burger, of The Illusionist and Limitless

Studio: Lionsgate (The Hunger Games) & Summit Entertainment (Twilight)

Shooting Location: Most if not all in Chicago (good move…cuz the book is set there too 🙂 )


  • Shailene Woodley as Tris
  • Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews
  • Theo James as Four
  • Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior
  • Zoe Kravitz as Christina (

Tagline: One choice can transform you.

Other book news: The third and final installment in the series is called Allegiant. The cover will be revealed this Thursday on The Today Show!!

Look at her taunting us. With flippin Ryan Seacrest for crying out loud:

allegiant veronica roth divergent movie

Also, if you need UP TO THE MINUTE news on the movie and casting and set choices, check out these awesome sources: Divergent Movie on Facebook and DivergentFans.com (on Twitter @Divergent_Fans)

Divergent Movie – My Speculation

If you haven’t read this blog post by Veronica Roth then do it now!! Then come back here and read the rest of this blog. Ok, back? Good. Other than the fact that Divergent is even being made into a movie, I am particularly excited about a few key scenes in the book (which could be spoilers!!).

Top scenes I’m looking forward to in the Divergent movie are:

1. The Dauntless jumping off a moving train. Heck, I’d be pumped to see anyone doing that really. It’s gonna be mental though, I can tell.

2. Tris facing her fears in the simulation. You think you know what it looks like from reading, but I’d love to see how the directors imagined it.

3. The Ferris wheel scene with Tris and Four. Sigh – romantic tension and…just regular fear of heights tension.

How do you feel about this book (and other YA books) being made into films? What are your most anticipated scenes in the Divergent movie?

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  • Anonymous

    Hiya! sorry i’m commenting on an old post, but i saw it had no comments so i thought i’d post here. I just found your blog by complete accident, and i really like it! I am not a crazy YA afficionado (i do read other stuff…) but i dunno, i like how you write your posts and you sound like a level-headed person, whose opinions i can trust! (some YA fans just sound crazy to me, you know? there is so much crap out there and they’ll be like “OHMAGOD!LUVIT!!”… no thanks. i’ve passed puberty a long time ago…)

    but anyways! i’m rambling!

    about your last comment on this post, I remember when I was reading the book, I was rather unimpressed with the plot (it had been really hyped to me as the next Hunger Games… that, it was not…) but the whole time i was reading it, i loved the action scenes and i kept thinking “this would be really cool if they made it into a movie…” and lo and behold! now it is!! so yeah, definitely looking forward to it!

    too bad that i probably won’t get to see it til like 2015 or something… since i live in Japan and movies tend to get out retardedly late here, when they do even come out at all… *big sigh*