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Fall 2013 Young Adult Book Trends You Will Love

I’m always thinking ahead (I’m such a planner), which is why I’m already pumped about upcoming fall book trends! And not only am I sharing the top young adult trends, I also started a Goodreads list with all of the fall YA releases I’m coming across. Feel free to add to it HERE!

Fall 2013 Young Adult Book Trends You Will Love

It’s overwhelming in the extreme to try to sort through all of the current book trends and to parse through which books are being published the end of this year. I’ve started this process, so feel free to tell me in the comments what book trends or YA releases you’re pumped about!

2013 young adult book trends

Find all these books on my Fall 2013 Young Adult Books Goodreads list HERE!


Between living on an island in the clouds and surviving when most of the world is dead, dystopia is still going strong. And not just dystopias – post apocalyptic fiction is right there too. Feast your eyes on these hot reads:


I just finished All Our Yesterdays, and I loved it! It was a super fun time-traveling read, and I’m so glad there are other books like it keeping in company.

Retellings/Different Perspectives

Retellings are still one of my favorite book trends. The books below offer different perspectives from books and people we know and love (Mary Shelley, Sleeping Beauty).

High Fantasy

Yes!! High fantasy has made a serious comeback in YA. With epic authors like Robin McKinley tackling the genre, you can be assured high fantasy YA is in full swing.

What other YA book trends have you noticed this year?

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