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Fangirl in the Know: Fall 2014 Releases You Probably Forgot About

This post could be like 5 pages long, but I’ll limit it to round 8 YA fall and winter releases I think people might have forgotten about. I think forgetting about books coming out in 203943098 years is a defense mechanism to prevent us from pining.

There’s NOTHING worse than a hardcore book lover who’s book pining with 140 characters at their fingertips. It results in a lot of unfollows, amirite?

…Just me? Oh ok.

Fangirl the the Know: Fall & Winter 2014 Releases

fangirls in the know read breathe relax featureFangirl in the Know is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. original feature that will help readers stay updated on what their favorite authors are up to next (i.e. after they finish the series we already love). This is VITAL to maintaining our fangirl status.

Heir of Fire

heir of fire sarah j maas fangirl in the knowNew Book: Heir of Fire by Sara J. Maas

What’s it About?: Without giving up too much about the Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire picks up where the last book left off. Celeana is out for revenge, and it means separation from her dearest friends and love.

Pub date: September 2, 2014

Quick Refresher: The two previous books are Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight, and they follow the story of the mysterious and powerful Celeana. She’s a refugee, an assassin and a fighter. Lovers of high fantasy and excellent world-building will adore this series.

The Infinite Sea

the infinite sea rick yancey fangirls in the know ya 2014 releasesNew Book: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

What’s it About?: It follows the onset of the Others and how humans are holding on to survive. Cassie is fighting through the pain and loss of her family and friends and banding together with a new team to fight for survival.

Pub date: September 16, 2014

Quick Refresher: The previous book was The 5th Wave, and I’m honestly fuzzy on the details, other than humans are dying with the onset of waves of destruction and warfare. All I know is, the first book was an insane adrenaline ride, and I can’t wait for another boost.

The Young Elites

the young elites marie lu ya 2014 releasesNew Book: The Young Elites by Marie Lu

What’s it About?: Lu tries her hand at another YA dystopia, but with a twist. After a terrible fever turns her hair silver and scars her left eye, Adelina is considered an abomination. But what she really might be is a powerfully gifted Young Elite…

Pub date: October 7, 2014

Quick Refresher: This is a debut series, but you know Marie Lu from the Legend series. I didn’t continue the series, but I think Lu is a talented writer, and I look forward to reading her new work.


clariel garth nix ya 2014 releases fangirl in the knowNew Book: Clariel by Garth Nix

What’s it About?: This is a story of magic, the dead, dangerous creatures, unwanted marriages and the temptation of power. It’s a classic Garth Nix story, and I’m dying to read it!

Pub date: October 14, 2014

Quick Refresher: Clariel is the long-awaited sequel to Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen. It’s been so long since I’ve read these books (high school or middle school) that I had to look it up. Abhorsen’s are necromancers and they bind the dead to keep them from wrecking havoc in the world. I think a re-read is in order!


atlantia ally condie ya 2014 releases fangirl in the knowNew Book: Atlantia by Ally Condie

What’s it About?: It seems like a twist on the secret city of Atlantis. The main character, Rio, is Below, and after her twin sister escapes to Above, Rio must discover why there’s a divide in her world.

Pub date: October 28, 2014

Quick Refresher: This is a debut series by the author of the Matched trilogy. The world of Atlantia is also dystopian (according to Goodreads), but it seems like such a different type of story than Condie’s previous series. I’m interested to see where this goes.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue

blue lily, lily blue maggie stiefvater 2014 ya releasesNew Book: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

What’s it About?: There’s like ZERO description listed, but I’m not daunted. This is the third book in the series (out of 4 total), and it could go so many different ways. I trust the author, though. She knows what’s up.

Pub date: October 28, 2014

Quick Refresher: The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves preceded this novel, and both were great in different ways. Blue is destined to kiss her true love, dooming him to death and the magic of Cabeswater is leaking into their world, reshaping everything Blue and the boys thought they knew.

The Perilous Sea

the perilous sea sherry thomas ya 2014 releases fangirl in the knowNew Book: The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas

What’s it About?: Ioloathe and Titus are back together at Eton and must continue training to fight the Bane. SWOON. I loved the first book, so this one is going to be epic, I can already tell.

Pub date: September 14, 2014

Quick Refresher: The Burning Sky was one of my favorite books of last year. It combines elemental magic with hidden identities and untapped power. Delish all around.

Lark Ascending

lark ascending meagan spooner ya 2014 releases fangirl in the knowNew Book: Lark Ascending by Meagan Spooner

What’s it About?: This is the conclusion of the Skylark series. Lark’s on her way back to the Institute to make things right before she escaped. It opens at the close, to steal a JK Rowling quote.

Pub date: October 9, 2014

Quick Refresher: This series has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, but I’m excited to see what Spooner came up with to finish it off. Skylark was the first book and Shadowlark was the next one.

What 2014 YA releases are you most looking forward to?

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  • Jen

    Oh man. So excited for the next Raven Boys book!! Great list!

  • Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    Heir. Of. Fire. That’s all I need from the fall and I’ll be set! Although Blue Lily, Lily Blue will be a close runner up 😉

  • Lisa Schensted

    Can I say all of them? Because I am.

  • Sally @ BarksandBaking

    My current book-stalking list looks a lot like this! Just saw that you gave Clariel 4/5 stars on Goodreads, which is a good sign 🙂