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Favorite Literary Fathers

In the same way that I honored literary moms for Mother’s Day, I wanted to give a woop woop for dads or father-figures for Father’s Day in the form of a fave literary dad’s post!

Here we go…

Mr. Bennett, Father of 5 girls and the husband of one crazy woman

1Mr. Bennett in Pride and Prejudice- Donald Sutherland was the PERFECT Mr. Bennett in the 2005 movie and truly embodied the spirit of the character. Mr. Bennett is often exasperated at his gossiping, air-headed wife (who coincidentally made the worst moms list), and loves Elizabeth for her sensibility and wit. He’s a pretty sharp shooter himself, too.

2Mr. Weasley in Harry Potter- He is awesome and classic in so many ways. Chief among them: he has red hair; he is adorably obsessed with muggles; he knows how to handle his sometimes-high-strung wife; he got bitten by a snake that Harry sort of embodied yet didn’t blame Harry for the attack.

3Matthew Cuthburt in Anne of Green Gables– Matthew is Anne’s super-shy adoptive parent (along with his sister, Marilla). He is quiet and kind and loves Anne so much! It’s a reminder that a soft, silent love can sometimes be the strongest kind.

4Charlie from Twilight- Although he has trouble managing his emotional teenage daughter, Charlie does his best to care for Bella. He actor who plays Charlie in the movies does a great job of portraying all the quirks, awkwardness and protectiveness of this character.

5Cassels’ Grandpa in White Cat-– (I forgot his name!) His man is a death worker who worked for the leading mafia family of the time. He’s pretty hardcore but loves Cassel fiercely. Cassel kind of needs his grandpa in a major way- seeing as how his mom’s in jail and his entire family is either 1. working for hardened criminals or 2. betraying his trust every way they can.

Who are your favorite dads from literature?

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  • Natalie Spaan

    Hahah I just did the exact same post! I took an english class where my prof gave us ten reasons why Mr. Bennett is a terrible father in Pride and Prejudice…and why her points are all valid I still can’t help but love him for sticking up for Elizabeth!

    • Anonymous

      I agree!! I think he’s great! I mean, he isn’t always the nicest to his wife, but she kind of deserves it!

      I’d love to check out your post! Just so you know, you can link back to your site in Disqus by clicking “Guest” and then clicking “Optional: Link to your website.” 😀

  • Ems

    I really love the ones you’ve listed here, as well as Edgar Higginbottom in The 13th Reality series by James Dashner. To reveal my true nerdy inner Star Wars geek self, I’m also gonna say that Luke Skywalker and Han Solo end up making great dads… 😀

    • Hey, I like that!! I haven’t read 13th Reality, but I definitely agree with your Star Wars reference! 🙂

  • Cute post idea! I love Mr. Bennett (and Donald Sutherland. He can play a nice guy or a creepster really well). And I kind of love Charlie, too, although I always thought it was lucky there were crime-fighting vampires who took care of the things that slipped past his notice. 🙂

  • Celesta

    This is an adorable and very apropos post! I thought Donald Sutherland did a Fantastic! job as Mr. Bennett! It will be interesting to see him as President Snow in the Hunger Games!! Gah!

    • Thanks, Celesta!! Donald Sutherland is great at being a nice guy and a creeper, isn’t he?? lol

  • Melissa Hayden

    You know I don’t know if many people look at the fathers in books. This is a great post. 🙂 I don’t think I really have any to add to the list, now that I think about it. Thanks!

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  • Jennifer of Little Shelf

    I LOVE Charlie, both in the books and in the movies. He’s awesome, even if he’s a little unsure of what to do with Bella, LOL.

    Awww, yeah, Mr. Weasley is awesome. Their whole family is great.

    What a super fun topic!