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Firelight Quiz: What Draki Would You Be?

After reading and reviewing Vanish by Sophie Jordan, I was really interested in the types of draki that appear in the book. Firelight goes over a few, but I think Vanish talks about a few new types.

I pretty much personalize every book I read- imagining myself in the characters’ situations, deciding what I would do given their lives and decisions. After reading Vanish, I started daydreaming about what draki I would be and which one would fit my personality.

Below, I’ve listed all the draki types that were mentioned (and that I remember) from the books and physical and personality traits that I think match the draki type. Or you can do what I did and just choose which draki you would want to be the most 😉

Earth Draki

Example: Half of Jacinda’s pride

Physical Traits: When you transform, your draki is colored a variety of earth tones.

Personality Traits: You have a mellow personality and a life that is balanced and centered. You remind others at work to not use the printer so much so they can stop expanding their carbon footprint.

Pros/Cons: You can manipulate the dirt and trees and all other natural elements (pro), but you’re not exactly prized in your pride because there are so many other earth draki (con).

Fire-Breathing Draki

Example: Jacinda…and she’s pretty much it!

Physical Traits: You’re a gorgeous red-gold when you transform into your draki self. You emit warm hues and shimmer in the setting sun.

Personality Traits: You don’t always follow the rules- your fiery nature doesn’t allow for it. You don’t try to cause trouble, but your personality brings out the dramatic side in others. In college, you would have been a theater major.

Pros/Cons: You’re a novelty to the pride (pro), but that brings out the crazy protective side of your leaders that tends to stifle your fire (con + pun).


Example: Nidia

Physical Traits: We’re not exactly sure what you look like when you transform, but as a human your hair and skin are very pale. It must be a side effect of producing the mist that is also colorless.

Personality Traits: You’re soft-spoken and reserved. You have really witty insights about things going on around you, but you tend to keep them to yourself. You see a lot more that goes on than you let on.

Pros/Cons: You play a huge role in protecting the pride from prying humans (pro), but your quiet, reserved personality means that people can forget you’re around at times (con).


Example: Miriam

Physical Traits: You can become invisible at will, and are…see-through. (Unless your invisibility cloak slips off 😉 )

Personality Traits: You have a mischievous nature, I mean, hey you can become invisible whenever you want! You know some seriously juicy gossip and do your best (sometimes) to keep it to yourself.

Pros/Cons: You are basically bursting with knowledge about the pride and their dirty secrets (pro), but you’re stereotyped as being deceptive and distrustful…which is sometimes true. (con).


Example: Cassian

Physical Traits: When transformed, you’re hard as stone and as dark as onyx. Your super strength means that you can take care of yourself and scare people with one glance.

Personality Traits: For some reason, the words “silent” and “strong” are always associated with each other, and you’re no different. Although you can be quiet and intense, you’re really a softie at heart. (cough cough Cassian).

Pros/Cons: You can take care of yourself (pro), but people always want you to back them up in fights (serious con).

Water Draki

Example: Azure

Physical Traits: You’re a beautiful, dark sapphire blue with streaks of pink and purple. You also have the added ability to dive into water and hold your breathe for like, ever.

Personality Traits: You go with the flow (see what I did there? 😉 ). Most of the time you’re at ease, and you let the natural ebb and flow of life take over.

Pros/Cons: Although your draki is powerful (pro), it isn’t necessarily aggressive or offensive and the pride may not always see it as an asset (con…those jerks).

Mind-Hazer (?? real name)

Example: Cassian’s Mom

Physical Traits: No one’s quite sure…

Personality Traits: Because you can confuse humans and plant ideas in their heads, you’re naturally a creative and whimsical person. You can also be hyper protective because of your defensive role in the pride.

Pros/Cons: Flipping mind control (pro fo sho) with the added ability to hear/read peoples thoughts (a con in disguise as a pro).

For me, I would HAVE to be a fire-breather. That’s way cool- no matter how much drama I may cause (Oh, Jacinda!). What draki would you most want to be?

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  • Truly Bookish

    Love this post, reminds me of why this series is so great! I’m going to pick Water Draki, it’s more me 🙂
    Truly Bookish

  • Cal_Tenor

    Thanks for posting this, since I could never figure out what Draki was what! I picked a Shader, because I’m constantly forgotten and soft-spoken. Silence is golden, after all!

  • Bloodrain01

    Love these books and good post but the last one is called a hypnos draki and its Jabel who is Cassian’s aunt not his mom… corbin’s mom

    • Oh, thanks!! For some reason, I couldn’t for the life of me find this in the book. I’ll change that pronto! 🙂

      • Bloodrain01

        lol no problem 🙂 do you guys know if they are doing a third book? I mean the Vanish kinda ended in a weird way.

  • i think they mention a couple others in the first book… i haven’t gotten to the second yet. Just finished the first 🙂
    They say one of Jacinda’s teachers was a lark draki, who has super sonic voice or something. She can break glass with it.
    Also the phaser draki, and the verda draki, which they say Jacinda’s mom used to be.
    I would probably pick the shader or the earth draki 🙂

    • MollyD

      What was a phaser?

  • Firelight love

    I soooo love the book trying to get the second book. I was wondering what a draki what sort of be like. I chose onyx or water but mostly onyx.

  • Singe

    Cassian’s Mom isn’t a hypno, his aunt is.

  • Sarah

    I LOVED the book Firelight !!!!!! Waiting on the next book : (

  • Liv

    Ok if I had to choose any of them it would be nether because I too believe there are more like ice drakis’ that is what I want and will be

  • Liv

    Oh ya and I got the book for 3.00 at a book fair (firelight) and then I went to Barnes and noble and found the third book (hidden) and now I’m trying to find the second………(vanished)