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First Truth, Second Time Around

Sometimes I really feel like I’m that typical 20-something kid who is addicted to “the right now” and the instant-gratification that we’ve become used to with texts, Facebook and ….the Internet in general.

If things aren’t exploding than I’m left feeling cheated. 🙂  Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but when I went to re-read one of my most favorite quartets, The Truth Series, I was seriously shocked. I had difficulty getting through even half of the book.

The biggest problem? It was soooo sloooooooow! The characters are doing silly things like…being developed. Just talking, talking, talking and some slow walking down the countryside and more talking, talking talking. I mean, honestly, there’s a bunch you find out about Alissa and Strell’s (the main characters) back stories and motivations, etc.

And, I love how their friendship progress and how Alissa grows into her “tracings” and magic, BUT- the pacing was like wading waist-deep through molasses. Enjoyable,but you’re not sure if you’re going anywhere.

Usually the love story helps me keep turning pages, but in reading this book again, I obviously knew what happens in the end. So, not too much excitement there. The most disappointing part is that I remembered loving this series so much! I still do- I mean, these books are classics to me. It’s got it all there- love, magic, epic journey, coming-of-age-ness. But, maybe it’s just me that’s changed and not the books.

I read this series at the beginning of my introduction to fantasy novels, so maybe it was the uniqueness of the story that captured me at the time and why now, after many years reading this type of book, it’s kind of a been-there, done-that novel instead.

Has this ever happened to you? A favorite story re-read doesn’t hold the same appeal it once did? It is comforting to know there are the old standby’s- the good books that only get better every time you read them.

Some things that ARE awesome about the Truth series: the everlasting concept of fighting people who would have you fail, learning who you really are (without being super cliched), and finding yourself cable of doing more than what you ever could have dreamed.

That is why I still own this series and didn’t ditch them in the Great Book Divide of 2009. But the other reasons account for the film of dust on the top.

*If you are wondering why this is such a short post or if you’re thinking ‘her last post was almost 3 weeks ago,” the answer is that I’ve got a new writing job! Yay! But am finding less and less time to do non-chores. Boo! For the one person (Mom), who’s been pondering these things, those are the answers. 🙂

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  • Pamela Wright

    Great commentary about rereading something from you’re past, as short as it may be. Great job, daughter dear! You are so talented and on the mark. I love your asterick comment. Now you’re in the real world of life. Sometimes things just don’t get done. They’ll still be there tomorrow. Love you. Love your blog site:)))