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Follow Friday: Book Covers

I wasn’t going to do a meme post today (as posted a long list post earlier), but here I am. 🙂 I can’t resist you fab people!

Follow My Book Blog Friday is a weekly meme intended to connect the book blogging community. To join the blogging fun or find other blogs who participated in the meme, check out Parajunkee!

Today’s question: Do you judge a book by it’s cover?

Absolutely! I think book covers are the equivalent of flirtatious “hello’s.” They say, “I’m what you never knew you wanted.” Just like with people, the outside can be an good or bad representation of what’s on the inside. But, it’s still a reader’s FIRST and sometimes ONLY idea of what the book’s about.

For example:

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

This cover is intriguing and makes me ask the question, who is that girl? You can’t see her whole face, so the element of mystery is there. I think it’s an all-around beautiful cover! Plus, the book is awesome!

I think I’m also drawn to covers with people my age on them because I can immediately relate to it.

Do you judge books by their cover? What types of book covers are you most drawn to?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • I am attracted to pretty covers, but have learned to never buy a book based just off of the cover. I have to sample the book now before I buy. I’m a new follower! My FF is at Coffee Table Reviews

  • Hi, Lisa! I completely agree with you! And all I’m going to think about now is a book cover flirting and winking at me, LOL. Thanks for stopping by and following! I am a new follower. 🙂

  • Thanks for stopping by and following!
    I love your layout so much as well 😉
    I’ve always wanted to read A Great and Terrible Beauty…Gotta check it out!
    Following you back 🙂

  • Liz

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by. I think we’re all guilty of judging books by their covers because who doesn’t love an awesome cover? =]

    Have a great weekend!

  • Hey Lisa, I agree!! Covers represent a book so I’d hope they’re good.

  • I always try to go ahead and read the blurb on the back of the book because it seems like so much cover art these days is exactly alike and as pretty as girls in dresses are, it just doesn’t tell me whether or not the book is worth reading.

    Thanks for stopping by!