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Follow Friday: Embarrassing Books We Love

TGIF all the way!

This week has been good but very long.  I’m ready to hang out with my love and just chill. 🙂 I hope everyone’s had a great week too!

Follow My Book Blog Friday is a weekly meme intended to connect the book blogging community. To join the blogging fun or find other blogs who participated in the meme, check out Parajunkee!

Today’s question is: “What is the book that you really don’t to want to admit loving?”

I hate admitting that I love the whole Nine Kingdoms series by Lynn Kurland (Star of the Morning, Princess of the Sword, etc.) I bought them thinking it was a romantic fantasy book. It turned out it was more of a romance novel with some aspects of fantasy. 🙂

Even though it was super cheesy and over-dramatic, I still loved it and kept reading all the books even though I knew it was kind of a silly story.

To the left is the book cover.  This alone should have tipped me off that it was more or a romance than a magic and wizards type of book. 😉

What books do you avoid admitting that you loved? What are people’s reactions when you do cop to it?

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  • I hear a lot of people admitting to liking romance books 🙂 Funny! I already committed to reading a romance novel soon, so will see if I’m gonna be one of the undercover romance lovers 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! 🙂 I’m following 🙂

  • I haven’t heard of that series. I didn’t really have a good answer today. My brain must be overwhelmed by other stuff.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Lisa

    Evie- Yeah, romance books really have their own stigma, I think lol Or maybe just for me because I don’t read them very often…or really at all.

    Amber- It’s probably not a very well known series, so no worries there! I think a lot of people struggled with this question. It’s super tricky. 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this series either. Though I do love a good romance!

    • Lisa

      P.E.- I love romances too but don’t read them often. And, I usually like them with a bigger plot than just falling in love.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!!

      Izzy- I definitely agree with you! 🙂 Fantasy with my romance is how I roll. 😀

  • Hi, thanks for hopping by my blog! 🙂 A lot of people seem to have romances as their embarrassing book(s), so you’re not alone, haha. I personally don’t like reading romances unless it’s as a subplot, but I do occasionally find amazing romances that I never thought I would love!

  • Liz

    I’ve never heard of that series, but I might have to check it out now. New follower. =]