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Follow Friday: High School Habits

Follow My Book Blog Friday is a weekly meme intended to connect the book blogging community. To join the blogging fun or find other blogs who participated in the meme, check out Parajunkee!

Today’s FF Question: How have your reading habits changed since you were a teen? or If you are still a teen, what new genres are you in love with currently?

Oh to be in High School Musical instead of real high school...

A: Let’s see…When I was in high school, one of my friends let me borrow The Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier. Reading that book changed a lot of things for me. I went from mostly YA books to almost strictly fantasy books with lots of romance.

Since then, I read fantasy books across all sorts of genre fiction. I’m still a newbie in the paranormal sub-genre, but I really love Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews’ stuff. Plus, I’m back to reading a bunch of YA and venturing into unchartered territory, like a little sci fi (Across the Universe) and a handful of chick lit (Something Borrowed).

Overall, I think I’m way less “strict” in the types of books I read now than when I was in high school. Also, I think I had way more time to read then. I would read 2-3 books a week then. *sigh* Those were the days. …Oh, except I had braces and frizzy hair. 🙁

In case you missed anything this week on RBR, we:

Do you read more than when you were in high school? Have your reading habits changed?

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  • lindsaywrites

    hey there! happy follow friday! (technically its thursday still lol)
    I’m a follower on your blog! hope you’ll stop by mine and follow me! I also have a giveaway right now to win an ARC of glow by amy kathleen ryan! =]


  • StuckInBooks

    I will admit that I wish I had the time I did in HS to read as well. But alas, I didn’t choose to spend my time in HS that way. (What was I thinking????)


    • We were young and naive! 🙂

      • StuckInBooks

        That is for sure.

        Yes, I’m a math teacher. I keep freaking people out about my two loves this week. Wait till next week and I have students again. They will think I’m nuts too. =)

  • Anonymous

    I think I was actually in high school when High School Musical was at its peak. Yes, I was a Zac Efron fan, shame on me now. I didn’t get a lot of reading done back then, I was more into collecting TV Shows on DVD. I love my books now though.

    New Follwer 😉 Here’s my FF

  • imogen.sellars

    Oooh..i love Across the Universe, and i can’t wait for A Million Suns!
    I’ve never heard of The Daughter of the Forest, but i’ll have to go and look that up now. Thanks for introducing me to a new book!
    Have an awesome weekend, and stop by when you can, i love meeting new people!

  • teddybrgrrl

    Aaaaah I love the picture :)) (I have a slight obsessions with anything high school musical and sac efron….) Anyways…you can never go wrong with YA! Great answer!

    Here’s my FF!

  • Laura

    Hi, I’m a new follower 🙂 Please take a look at my blog 🙂 http://thelittlebookblog.blogspot.com/

  • I’m way less strict too. And, I’m also a newbie in the paranormal genre. I love it, but I’ve only dabbled in it. 🙂

    • Same here! What good paranormal books have you read? My faves are from the Mercy Thompson series! It’s really, really good.

      • I really haven’t read a lot. I’ve read Twilight Saga, Sunshine, Dark Divine and Lost Saint, Shiver and Linger (getting ready to read Forever), and guess some others that could be considered more fantasy and supernatural than paranormal.

        I want to read the Mercy Thompson series. I just haven’t got to it yet. The story of my life.

  • I love your answer. Sometimes I look back on how much easier my life seemed in high school, but there were plenty of downsides, too. 🙂 I think it’s funny how some teens prefer to read adult books, and then swing back to YA as adults.

    • I definitely with the downsides part for sure. And, that’s so true about switching! I’ve flip-flopped age-wise for sure!

  • Deadtreesandsilverscreens

    I wouldn’t want to be in high school again for anything. But I would like to have all that extra time!


  • Hopping through. I wish I’d gotten into fantasy when I was a teen. It’s a recent genre for me and I feel like I missed years of reading.

  • Lisa @ Lost in Literature

    Hi! Happy Friday!

    New follower! 🙂

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature

  • Baby Gee

    Happy Friday! New follower 🙂

  • Happy Follow Friday!!!

    Here’s my Follow Friday post.

  • I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy too, with urban fantasy and a lot of paranormal romance thrown into the mix! I’m a NEW follower. I hope you’ll stop by my FF post!


  • Tiffany @”perfectly” inked!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I bought divergent, but its siting on my shelf waiting to be read lol.


    • *GASP* lol but seriously, read it ASAP! It’s soooooooo good. You will thank me, I promise. 😉