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Foods You Can Unravel, Shatter or Break When Reading Unravel Me

Unravel Me is a book that is Pages & Pairings GOLD. I mean, you can unravel and/or shatter tons of food. Not that you would want to smash food when you’re actually reading the book…but still.

Foods You’ll Want to Eat When Reading Unravel Me

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Pages & Pairings is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that matches up our favorite book and stories with tasty food and drinks. Reading should be a full sensory experience!

In these posts I’ll include links to the recipes so you can make these tasty treats yourself.

Eat, read and be merry!

Ingredients in Unravel Me:

In Unravel Me, there’s a bubbling pot of anxiety, a side of rage and a HUGE helping of attraction. There’s so much action and drama in Unravel Me. It will definitely make you want to break something.

Unravel Me’s menu includes:

Peanut Brittle

With peanut brittle you can easily shatter little bits of it WITH A HAMMER. It’s been a dream of mine to break something with a hammer. I’m not normally violent, I swear.

Pretend you’re Juliette smashing whichever dumb boy is driving her nuts at the time by making this microwavable peanut brittle from Mom Advice.

Plus, I can totally see Juliette describing her emotions as if they were “fragile pieces of peanut brittle that shatter into a million sugary bits.”

Butterscotch Pull Aparts

Watch Juliette’s heart get PULLED APART by Warner and Adam. These Butterscotch Pull Aparts from KeyIngredient.com look simple to make and – spoiler alert – I’m a sucker for Butterscotch.

Only, Juliette doesn’t even have the luxury of licking the butterscotch off her fingers afterward. And YOU DO.

No, but seriously: Team Warner or Team Adam?! I’m honestly leaning toward Team Warner. But…I am so biased after reading Destroy Me. Warner is deep, guys! He is a little damaged and unbalanced, but, come on, we’ve seen worse match-ups, right?!

Amaretti Crisps

When you nerves are THIN and CRISP at the end of Unravel Me from all the covert missions and secret trysts, you’ll need these Amaretti Crisps from Martha Stewart to calm your beating heart.

Theses crisps are perfect for coffee or tea dunking and would be useful to munch and ponder Mafi’s Shakespeare quotes and crossed out words and phrases.

Eat, read and be merry – Unravel Me style!

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