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Guest Post: 5 Steps to be a Nerd

As you know, I’m off blog duty this week but have scheduled some awesome guest posts while I’m away. I can’t just abandon you guys!!

So, here is a guest post from the fabulous Lisa from Lisa is Busy Nerding. She is hilarious and insightful, and I hope you enjoy her amazing post!

Guys, I am super excited to be guest posting on Lisa’s blog today! Not just because my name is also Lisa. Or because I also like board games. Or because we both have husbands with beards.

I’m the most excited because I adore Lisa and her blog and I am totally willing to help a girl out while she’s away.

So, mutual friends of Lisa, I am here to chat with you about something in which I am well versed – being a nerd.

5 steps to being a nerd

steve urkel how to be a nerd

1Fall in love with an epic series.

This could be Harry Potter. Or Game of Thrones. Or Star Wars. Pretty much any epic series with fantastical elements is nerdy and probably the best place to start on your path to nerddom.

And when I say ‘fall in love’, I don’t mean watch it/read it once. I mean you memorize that ish and you defend it to the DEATH and you push it down the piehole of everyone and anyone who will listen (and even those who don’t.)

They may say “I don’t know, I just don’t get Star Wars.” Then you say “WHAT?! It’s about self discovery! It’s about standing up for what you believe in! It’s a parallel to Nazi Germany! Let’s talk about these things and then I’ll make you watch it again!” (actually, you should first verify they are referring to episodes IV-VI and not I-III. Because you are on board that I-III are total shite.)

Or, in the case of Harry Potter, people might not be interested in reading a ‘children’s’ book. You can take pretty much any (non spoiler) scene and apply it to real life and Adult Emotions for them. If they continue to hate on Harry Potter, tell them to SUCK IT because you don’t have time for those people in your life.

2Have a favorite superhero.

I don’t mean that you can just name a hero and say that it’s your favorite.
You need to know their backstory. You need to know their enemies and their powers and their motivation.

You need to be prepared to defend them when I ask you about them. Because I have news for you – if you tell me Superman is your favorite superhero, you’d better have a damn good explanation because that dude is lamesauce.

Batman on the other hand is a detective, has an amazing backstory, his villains are the craziest mofos around, and he has some serious emotional depth. Just so you know.

3You gotta game.

You may play video games. You may play board games. But you just gotta game.Because gaming is fun AND takes your brain. Which is why it’s nerdy.

And you may be thinking to yourself that you play Angry Birds and wondering if that counts as gaming. The answer is NO. But it’s a start.Any and all RPG games are nerd gold.

4Be unabashedly yourself.

Let me drop some knowledge on you right quick. The main reason why nerds are so great is because they think they’re great.

I don’t mean that nerds are cocky. I mean that nerds love what they love so openly and honestly that you have to respect them. Because even if they’re trying to tell you that Superman is the greatest superhero and you are just NOT HAVING IT (aka me all the time), you still respect them for having the spine to back up what they’re talking about and being totally sincere.

5Don’t hate.

Something I learned about myself back when I played World of Warcraft was that I could no longer judge anyone – for ANYTHING – when I was spending several hours a day leveling up a fake character in a fake world for fake gear. Did I love it? OH GOOD GRIEF YES. But was it cool? OH GOOD GRIEF NO.

If you truly love something, no matter what it is, who are we to hate on you?

I may think Jersey Shore is the worst thing in the world, but I watch Cupcake Wars. I may not get Doctor Who, but I did watch and obsess over all the seasons of Merlin. I may not have loved The West Wing, but did create a fantasy league for Lost.

We all have our obsessions. Let us each nerd in the way we love most.

Do you have any additional pieces of nerd wisdom? Do you have any corrections or follow up? Hit me up in the comments!

And again, thanks to Lisa for sharing her space with me and allowing me to nerd it up a bit.

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • oodlesofbooks

    I am 4/5 nerd 😀 loooved this post!

  • Ems

    Oh, NERD!!! Love it! I am also 4/5 nerd…I don’t game, but I’ve got all the others covered. Maybe that makes me a geek? Whatever it’s called, I’ll take it. Nerds, FTW!!

    (And I also watch Cupcake Wars…awesome show)

  • thanks again for having me! yay nerds! 🙂

  • I’m all nerd! Well, I have trouble with #5, but I do try to respect the Twilight people. I have a fave superhero, but he’s a Japanese comic book character, so hopefully that counts (maybe for even more). I even have two favorite villains. I love a video game series so much, I cried as if my mama died when I found out they were changing it drastically for the next installment. Can’t get much nerdier than that!

  • Asheley (@BookwormAsheley)

    i love this nerd so much!

  • Anonymous

    Loved today’s Guest post 🙂 I will have to show the hubbs this when he gets home because he’s 5/5 LOL….I do “tease” him sometimes but I dont hate on him 🙂 I am 4/5 nerd also hahahah…But mostly I game (alot) its gotten to the point of being an addiction and World of Warcraft is my biggest drug LOL!!!! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s blog 🙂

  • Hah, I totally watch Cupcake Wars though it can be kind of cheesy sometimes 😛

  • Melissa Hayden

    LOL! I think I’m on track to being a perfect Nerd then. ;D Thank you for the great post.