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How Do You Discover New Books?

I stumbled across a few Goodreads infographics that illustrates how people add books on Goodreads and where they found out about the book.

The two most popular ways that people add books on Goodreads is a tie between adding them manually and being recommended books when they sign up for a Goodreads account.

Check it out:

Goodreads how you find books

Goodreads also found that book recommendations by real friends and Goodreads friends dominated how people heard about books. That’s amazing! So all the book advertising is a factor – but not as big of a factor a personal recommendation.

discovering new books goodreads

What about blogs though? I don’t think that fell into any of the channels they listed in the above chart.

What about you? What is the main place you discover new books?

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  • Carole Mckenzie

    Word of mouth. Twitter and Facebook mainly. When I hear other bloggers or authors discussing a book I usually add it to my pile if it sounds like my cup of tea. But, just from everyone talking about various books is how I normally find them.


    • Jan

      same here. I get curious when people talk about a book online.

  • Life As Wife

    Lately I’ve strictly added to my to-be-read list through book bloggers recommendations!

    I also occasionally peruse the library’s suggestions for me based on what I’ve check out and reserved.

  • Deborah

    99% of my book choices come from friend recommendations. Every 1% in a while, I’ll try something based on a review or the cover, but it’s rare. I like to know that it was approved by someone I trust before I jump into a book.

  • Ems

    I get most of my recs through blogs. I read the updates on Goodreads, but I don’t ever bother to check the recommendations. They’re usually books that I probably wouldn’t pick up (which makes me wonder if these ‘friends’ have actually LOOKED at the type of books that I read). Also, Twitter.

  • One of the main ways I find new books is through blog reviews. I subscribe to quite a few book blogs and always find great recommendations that way. My “to-be-read” list is quite out of control, LOL!

  • The Muggle

    Blog posts and meme’s like Waiting on Wednesday is my main source of new books.

  • Sigal

    I discovered Goodreads late, but I absolutely love it. I’m growing long lists of books I want to read. Hundreds now. It’s cheaper than buying them, though 🙂 I add books mostly through blog recommendations.

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, and I’ve nominated you on my blog for the Sunshine Award.