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HP Challenge: Sorcerer's Stone

I finished HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Sunday night-ish. It’s crazy how this book can take me all the way back to when I was 10 years old and didn’t know what I liked to read yet. At that age, I had never read a book that grabbed my attention and fascination so well.

For me, it’s a little more than the Harry Potter series being so well-written and magic-infused. These books remind me of how reading transformed my life- it’s become something that has helped me cope with my problems in a practical way. Now, let’s dig into the Sorcerer’s Stone!


Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts!

I’m going to focus these challenge posts on the parts that stick out to me the most. (If you have any topic/discussion ideas, I’m definitely open!)

1In re-reading this book, it really struck me how easily Harry accepts the wizarding world and his place in it. Looking at Harry’s life, he definitely had enought weird things happen to him that ending up as a wizard wasn’t too strange, ex: landing on top of the school to escape bullies, unintentionally shrinking ugly clothes so they no longer fit him, etc. Still, he only fought the idea of being a wizard initially because he thought he wan’t remarkable enough to actually be a person with secret talents. From there, Harry saw Hagrid work magic from his umbrella and visited Diagon Alley. All of the magic and wonders he sees are remarkable to him, but he never doubts that it’s real.

Reading this as a child, I didn’t question any of these details either. It was normal that Harry belonged to this amazing magical world because when you’re a kid, you want it all to be true. So, it’s not hard to cope with the ethereal when you suspected all along that something more out there. I think it also stems from Harry’s deep loneliness and need of affirmation. When you’re told your rubbish for a long time, you tend to believe it after a while. Being a wizard flew in the face of the Dursley’s hatred,and Harry grabbed at his chance of finally finding friendship and a place where he belonged. It just goes to show that things are much simpler when you’re younger 🙂 Believing comes naturally.

2It’s so obvious how skilled J.K. Rowling is at weaving this very intricate storyline in and out of all 7 novels. The way she does it is so subtle. In the second chapter of the novel, the names Sirius Black, flying motorcycle and Mundungus Fletcher are thrown around. Plus there’s a handful of other clues that all point clever readers in the right direction. Well, more like clairvoyant readers, because some of the hints seem impossible to predict how they’ll end up. And, even though this first novel is very light for the most part- there is always a hint of the darkness that awaits Harry in later books. Voldemort, or the threat of Voldy, always seems to be waiting for Harry in the shadows.

3If I had to choose one character and one wizarding world trademark from Sorcer’s Stone, I’d have to choose Dumbledore (aside from Harry) and Quidditch. Dumbledore is everything a headmaster/father-figure should be: he’s mysterious, seemingly all-knowing and very odd. And Quidditch is the best invented sport I’ve ever read about. Who wouldn’t get jealous of flying around on broomsticks and imaging themselves as Gyriffindor’s seeker? Who and what would you choose??

Let me leave you with a memorable Sorcerer’s Stone quote:

Dumbledore’s Welcome to Hogwarts“Welcome!” he said. “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin the banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

Let these encouraging words from Dumbledore spur you on in further in our HP Challenge! Any thoughts/comments about the Sorcerer’s Stone?

NEXT GOAL: Finish HP and the Chamber of Secrets by Friday, Oct. 15th. If we keep on this track, we can finish all 7 books by Nov. 19th! Yes!!

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