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Hunger Games Wedding Ideas

As if I didn’t spend enough time on Pinterest, I got the genius idea the other day to find if anyone had thrown a themed Hunger Games wedding. Not only have there been some amazing photo shoots of Hunger Games inspired events, but I found awesome items on Etsy that would pair nicely with a wedding or shower in this theme.

I’ve put all the photos I found on my Book Themed Weddings Pinterest board, but I’ve featured my faves below.

Hunger Games Wedding Ideas

Hunger Games Wedding Jewelry

hunger games necklace

the hunger games wedding jewelry

the hunger games weddding rings

Hunger Games Wedding Decorations

the hunger games decorations

the hunger games decorations

The hunger games wedding decorations

welcome to panem decorations

Hunger Games Wedding Hair

wedding hair the hunger games

wedding hair the hunger games

Hunger Games Wedding Dress

katniss wedding dress

the hunger games wedding dress

girl on fire dress

wedding dress the hunger games

Hunger Games Wedding Invites & Cake

rustic the hunger games wedding invites

invites the hunger games

hunger games wedding cake

the hunger games cake

What do you think of these ideas? Would you ever throw a Hunger Games Wedding, shower or party?

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  • Wow, just wow, sadly, I don’t think my hair would actually do that though…. And I don’t know how my wedding guests would feel about archery being in the ceremony, haha!

    I have heard that a lot more girls are learning archery now though, which is pretty rad in my opinion 😉

    • Mine either! I’d have to grow it A LOT or just get extensions. I love that too… I should see if there are any local archeries (?) around me! 🙂

  • I think a HG party would be cool but a wedding? The book is about kids killing each other. It hardly seems romantic enough to inspire a wedding. In fact, that is kind of gory.

    • I definitely agree! While the pictures are gorgeous, it’s too creepy to think about HOW Katniss and Peeta end up together.