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In Case You Were Wondering About the Poll Results…

…they were most surprising!! My poll was highly scientific kinda random, so please keep that in mind! 🙂 With a sample size of 25, there’s the results:

  • Library: 9
  • Digitally: 6
  • Physical bookstore: 2
  • Online bookstore: 6
  • ARC’s from Publishers: 1
  • Borrowed from friends: 0
  • Other (that was not specified): 1

Orlando Public Library!

What I took away from this poll:

1People went to the library a lot more than I thought they did. Also, a lot more that I do. I went on and on about how having a Kindle cuts book costs. Umm, hello? You can’t beat free books!!

I think what keeps me from going is that the Orlando Public Library is about 35 minutes from my house and requires driving on a toll road to get there. Also, the fact that there’s a waiting list for all the books I want to read. Excuses, excuses. I should definitely go visit the library very soon!

2Friends need to hook each other up! I should buy physical books again just so I can give them out to my friends! When I get obsessed with a book, I just have to give it out to everyone who shows a remote interest in the book. Or who was distantly polite while trying to escape my book-lovin’ rant.

3Digital books and online stores are more popular than ever before. Ok, this isn’t something my poll really “revealed” to me. But, I think it’s still true. Did you guys hear about Google’s new ebooks affiliate program? It’s a chance to make some money off your blog by referring followers to Google’s ebookstore! The shift to online and digital is a progression that is seemingly picking up speed!

Maybe this is why no one borrows books from their friends anymore! Although with my small sample size, I probably shouldn’t be jumping to any conclusions at all. 😀

What did you take away from this poll?

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