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Insurgent Movie Review: A Great Divergent Sequel

I got to see the Insurgent movie at an advanced screening in Orlando, and I come bearing all the deets!

Insurgent Movie Review: A Great Divergent Sequel

insurgent movie review book to movie

As a Movie

I had a lot of fun watching Insurgent! Sometimes that’s all you need from a movie – just to have a good time.

I liked how there was a great balance to the action and building more of the story. I think for non-Divergent series readers, the storyline is fairly easy to follow.

Normally I would say it’s tough for me to separate myself from the non-reading movie-goer, but honestly the details of Insurgent are fuzzy at best. I read it in 2012 and haven’t re-read it…ever.

I also hadn’t rewatched the Divergent movie either. So I was honestly surprised how well I felt caught up and ready to move on.

There are the obligatory fighting scenes for sure, and honestly I was surprised at how much violence Insurgent got away with showing! We’re talking implied gunshots to the head (PG-13 movies can’t show that directly, but it’s implied more than once and with enough detail that I was taken aback).

As a huge bonus, I noticed the acting more in this movie. Shailene Woodley and Theo James just kill it. I love their chemistry and that they really add another layer of depth to the movie that I think could have easily been missed with other actors.

Speaking of other actors…Miles Teller offers some much-needed humor in this film. Although it’s totally out of character for Peter, I 100 percent didn’t care because I love Miles!

NOTE: I saw Insurgent at an advanced screening (thanks, Lionsgate!) in an IMAX theater with 3D glasses. I don’t think anyone should spend the extra money to see Insurgent in 3D. There were barely any moments to make it worth shoving tight, awkward glasses on their faces for 2+ hours. Just my two cents!

As a Book Adaption

I recommend reading this AFTER the movie like I did…If you need a refresher, read this accurate and hilarious Insurgent book summary.

A lot of the Insurgent book details are missing from the movie. This isn’t surprising, and in my opinion, it was a good decision to leave them out.

I forgot how many intricate dealings and maneuvers there are with Marcus, Evelyn and Jeannine. Like a lot.

Honestly, I’m so glad the filmmakers left that out. For a movie it wouldn’t add anything to the story except confuse the heck out of everyone.

As for the rest, I didn’t feel like anything violated the spirit of the movie or frustrated me AT ALL. I’m so surprised by this!

The most significant changes were made for during the ending. Even not having read the book in awhile, I could definitely tell some switches had been made. Again, it didn’t bother me at all.

Also, I remembered in the book, Tris and Four’s relationship sort of takes a back seat. The sparks kind of dim, as the main action and scheming take place. Not so in the movie, and I’m so thankful. More shirtless Theo James coming atcha!

My biggest questions are aimed at Allegiant. Will they change THE BIG TWIST?! How will they make things end? AND, will it be a two-part movie ending? (PLEASE NO).


The Insurgent movie did a great job of upholding the integrity of the book series, and it was a solid sequel to the Divergent movie. I enjoyed the great pacing and mix of romantic feels and hardcore (albeit very violent) action. I definitely recommend seeing Insurgent in theaters!

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  • I am so excited to see this! Like you, I haven’t read the book in a while so I am sure I will be fuzzy on the exact details. I don’t know that they could turn the last one into a two parter. It wasn’t very long, was it? I did see an interview with the author and if memory serves, she hinted that the original ending was kept. I think she was kind of vague about it though so we’ll see.

  • Can’t read this, lol. I’m going to see it on Saturday. Gah – the wait is murderous!!!

  • Jane McGarry

    I have read a lot of reviews in the past few days about how the movie deviates from the book. I am not sure how I feel about this. And I do like MIles too, but the character of Peter was so utterly dislikable in the books that I don’t know if I can adapt to him being the comic relief of the movie. But hey – shirtless Theo can only be good!!!!