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Jane Eyre: Movie & Book

After talking about The Hunger Games cast in my post yesterday, I thought I’d also dive into discussing another movie that I saw recently and LOVED- Jane Eyre! The movie and book are not exactly YA or fantasy-ish (at all), but they’re too good to pass up!

After seeing Jane Eyre Sunday afternoon, I was transfixed, as Mr. Rochester would say. The movie is visually stunning and emotionally powerful.

Romantic and seriously intense!

I felt so moved by the story, I didn’t even turn on my car radio on the ride home so that I could further absorb the beauty of the movie. I didn’t want to break the spell! It was probably a little silly of me, but that’s honestly how affected I was after watching the movie.

The scenes are lush- rolling hills, fiery susets, finely-manicured gardens. It’s all so beautiful. And it contrasts well with the sparse joy and pleasure that Jane experiences in her life. She faces cruelty at the hands of her aunt and at the boarding school that she attends later.

Then Jane takes the position as governess at Thornfield, the home of Mr. Rochester, and she finally finds independence, happiness and love.

As far as the book goes– it has been several years since I read it (we’re talking middle school), but it all seemed to match up. If there were any key elements left out, I didn’t notice.

I really enjoyed the narrative style of the movie, too. It began sort of near the end of the story and worked it’s way back, which was a refreshing take of this classic that’s been told and re-told many times before.

There was one tiny detail missing at the end, but I can’t mention it as it is kind of a spoiler. If you want to know what it is, please leave a comment, and I’ll be glad to fill you in privately! One lady in the theater even shouted out the missing detail after the movie was over: “Where’s ‘XYZ’? What happened to it??” She was clearly irate as well as elderly, so she got away it with being a little crazy. 🙂

Probably my favorite part of the whole movie is the emphasis on Jane’s difference from those around her and how she is very unlike other women. The book pointed out heavily that she was extremely plain as well as poor and had a fey-like quality. She longs for independence and freedom from the harsh environment where she grew up.

It’s an empowering story, especially for women during that time period. I love strong women, and I see that in the small, reserved person of Jane Eyre.


I want to see this movie again. Like today, or as soon as possible!! I’m going to drag…I mean, ask my hubs to see it with me this weekend. 😀

If you haven’t seen a trailer yet, check out this one:

Unfortunately, this movie is only in limited theaters. For theater information or any other movie news, you can visit Focus Features. To read another review of the movie, see Janicu’s Book Blog.

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  • Lea

    I CANNOT tell you how excited I am for this movie, can’t wait to see it!! And your review just made me that more anxious to go to the theaters! The number one thing that I love about this movie already with only having seen the trailer is the actress they chose to play Jane– she looks exactly how I would picture Jane looking– plain but full of life and spirit. (The reason I could never get into the Pride and Prejudice movie is that Kiera Knightly was waaayyy too pretty for that role and looked nothing like how I pictured Lizzie Bennett, so having people who can actually play the part is very important to me when it comes to dramatizing books that I love– and I’ve read P & P at least 5 times 🙂

    Thanks for this post, it made my night. Now I am going out straight away to see this movie 😛

  • I am so jealous! I’ve been waiting for this new Jane Eyre to come out but it hasn’t been released anywhere near me! Not cool. I have trouble with Hollywood versions of some of the classics when it comes to lead actresses. Like in P&P when the Jane is uglier than Lizzie. It drives me insane. So I am glad to hear that you found this Jane Eyre convincingly plain. Arg. Now I just want to see it even more!

  • Lisa

    Lea- I def agree! The actress (Mia Wasikowska from Alice in Wonderland) does look like how I pictured Jane! Kiera Knightly was SERIOUSLY way too pretty to be Elizabeth. I did love that movie, but that really wasn’t too accurate. :/ haha, I’m glad you liked the post, and I hope you get to see it soon! I can’t wait to see what you think!

    Lizzie- I was actually really surprised I found a theater playing this! I hope you get to see it soon, though! Hollywood really takes it’s allowances with book characters. Take The Hunger Games for example..lol jk I will get off that soapbox. 🙂

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