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I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Before I jump into the awesomeness that is Kindle and Kindle cases, I wanted to share some Easter updates.

This year the Bunny Cake was shelved in honor of this beauty: Easter Basket Cake.

So creative, right? And so delicious! It especially hit the spot after all us kids ran around finding Easter eggs. And by “kids” I mean the married couples in their mid- and late-20s. 😉

On to something else I love just as much as cake…

KINDLE! I really, really do love it, too. Here’s the short list why:

  • You can download books in 60 seconds
  • Discount book prices- $.01 to $9.99
  • The Kindle can hold up to 3500 books
  • I can download books anywhere
  • It’s lightweightIt’s
  • It’s shiny, very shiny

The funny thing is I was a hard-core Kindle-hater about a year ago. I didn’t think I’d EVER want to trade in my beautiful paperbacks for digital books. I couldn’t FEEL the weight of the words in my hands. eBooks just seemed so cold.

Then, my husband bought the Kindle for our honeymoon plane trip. I downloaded a book right before we took off and fell in love: I could download a sequel to a book at midnight and not have to wait till the morning to go to the bookstore; I could save money and still feed my fiction addiction.

Naturally, the next step in my obsession was to dress up Kindle (or Kendall as I sometimes call it. Yes, I am crazy).

I am an aesthetic person, and it’s important to me that the spaces I live and work in are pleasing to the eye. This apparently also applies to inanimate objects.

Meet the Kindle Case:

This gorgeous case was designed by ElizabethDavidDesigns on Etsy.com. If you’ve never been on Etsy before, it’s a dangerous and wondrous place.The site offeres a wide variety of handmade and vintage items like clothes, purses, jewelry and anything else you could possible think of.

Initially, I had a tough time finding something cute and fun in my Kindle case search. The cases on Amazon were brown leather or plain solid colors. Ugh! I crave patterns and color!

I finally searched on Etsy and found page after page of amazing cover choices. I loved almost all of the ElizabethDavidDesign covers, but this one really caught my eye. The case I bought has vibrant colors, cute flowers and is very well crafted. Plus, it’s perfect for traveling.

Kindle fits perfectly + Convenient pocket on the left Foldable flap makes for easy reading

I love how the Kindle is safely secured in the case- it makes reading less cumbersome. There are some really great options at ElizabethDavidDesigns, and I hope you find an awesome case there too!

Although I am overly obsessed with Kend…I mean Kindle, I know it can be a strange transition for some readers. I fully support all of you who love reading paperback and hardback books- eReaders are not necessarily for everyone. My only suggestion is this: try one (or borrow a friend’s)and you just might be surprised!! 🙂

If you own an eReader, what accessories have you bought (book lights, cases)? If you don’t own an eReader, would you ever get one?

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Thanks to your “hand me down” Kindle, Lisa, I am now “a believer”. Although I am a pure-bred techno-junkie (writing this on my iPod), I felt the reading experience was worthy only of a paper-in-my-hand book.
    My primary reason for loving the Kindle is that it permits me to “pick up where I left off” on any one of several books I am reading. I tend to read more now that EVERY BOOK is on-hand at any moment.
    Of course, all the reasons you mentioned apply. Along with those I would add the ability to add my own “custom” documents makes this a fantastic device!

    • Lisa

      Thom- I’m so glad you love it!! 🙂 I really love that feature also- you never have to worry about forgetting your place in the book! It really is an amazing device!

      Deborah- I can definitely relate! I still have books starting at my accusingly from the shelves that I have yet to read…oops.

      Jasmine- Thanks!! 😀 I love animal print, too! My fav right now is Zebra (with some hot pink thrown in).

  • I would totally get a Kindle if I won it or someone gave it to me. I can’t bring myself to buy one while I still own so many paper books that I haven’t ready yet. 🙁

  • Adorable case! My Kindle has a leopard print skin on it because I LOVE animal print! 🙂

  • Lisa, I love my kindle as well. I also love the feel of books, but the convenience of carry a kindle as opposed to carrying a book around are too numerous to name. As for the case, can’t wait to check out the website to get a new one. Love the colors. Thanks for your insight.

  • I have been researching eReaders for a long time now. At first, I though I didn’t want a Kindle at all. I ruled it out as being too brand oriented and I wanted freedom in where I could download. I also had shot down the Nook (despite my love of it’s offer of book lending when I started researching a year ago) and many of the knock-offs that were popping up. I thought I was in love with Sony’s Pocket Reader but I couldn’t justify the much higher price tag compared to the other readers.

    Finally, about a week ago, Kindle recaptured my interest with a lower price on the K3 and some added features (book lending and library borrowing coming soon). Plus it was on a rocking sale for Mother’s day which included a free $25 Amazon giftcard (read: free book money!) So I gave in and bought it as an early birthday present to myself. Since it came in last Wednesday, I’ve barely put it down. I LOVE it. The fast downloads, the low priced books, the endless list of FREE public domain books (Austen, anyone?) what’s not to love?

    So far, I’ve bought it a protective sleeve so I can carry it with me but I have yet to find the perfect folio style case. I want something pretty but also padded for protection and not too costly. For now, I’m not too worried about a book light, but I have to find something worthwhile before my husband & I make a trip to Florida in June.

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